Early life[ edit ] Goad grew up in Philadelphia, describing himself as a loner, misanthrope and weirdo. He attended a Catholic school run by nuns. He experienced violent treatment from his parents and bullies at his school, eventually learning fluent French to fight back. They relocated to Los Angeles and were married in If I have a relapse from my ovarian cancer, [Jim] will take care of me and help me out.

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Shelves: poverty , social-criticism , rant , race , american-south Rednecks of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your bills. His Rednecks of the world, unite! It is a history rooted in class conflict: since time immemorial, a wealthy few have kept most of the power in their hands, and America is no different. Though our national legend involves Pilgrims seeking liberty, in the fact of the matter is that most whites who immigrated came against their wills; they were the poor pushed off the fields, scraped off the streets, and shanghaied across the Atlantic to toil as indentured servants.

Volunteering or conscripting in the Revolution, they died to help create a Constitution which had no place for them, and the centuries of progress that followed brought only more of the same. The rest of the century was no better; homes were blown apart as companies tried to crack open the Appalachian mountains like a walnut, with no mind given to the people who lived there, and free trade agreements saw the disappearance of jobs which remained.

To add insult to injury, institutions that persecuted blacks, like slavery and Jim Crow laws, were somehow blamed on the impoverished working class, despite it being just as disenfranchised by local elites. Documents like the Alabama Constitution remain equal-opportunity oppressors of the working poor. While the 20th century saw various populations gain media shielding and political protection, the white working class remained a common horse to beat on, a pleasure shared by both formerly-marginalized minorities and the elite.

What he does want is for everyone to leave rednecks the hell alone. Making fun of his kin on TV is one thing; everybody likes their scapegoats.

War is the harvester of the home, and nothing else. Good luck, too, finding the self-described Marxist who would go anywhere near ethnic consciousness if they are white.

As a product of the white working class with a sympathy for Marxist social critique, I had a ball reading this -- even while wading through the eccentric treatment of the English tongue.


The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies, Hicks, and White Trash Became America's Scapegoats



The Redneck Manifesto (band)


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