Peavey Series Guitar Amp Review and History Updated on April 10, more Michael is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. But it should also have a unique tone and texture, one you can immediately notice live or in a recording. The Peavey is such a monster. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I am not alone! With a legacy dating back over two decades, the Peavey has hacked out a reputation for thick, high-gain metal sounds. The line started with a single, all-tube, watt head and matching cabinets, but has since grown to include models with a few different preamps, plus a monster 1x12 combo and a cool mini head.

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So, if you have the problem, send it in to have it fixed. Or call Peavey to see if you can get a more up-to-date replacement with the fix. Click to expand Thats what i call sugar coating the problem from peavey. Sending it back for people who live outside the US is not easy or practical, and its expensive and time consuming dealing with customs and all A more practical solution would have been to field test the amp until this obvious design flaw revealed itself.

Mine did after about week, the first time I played it for longer than an hour and a half. A tweak of the bias did nothing to fix the problem. Peavey messed up up a component that causes the amp to overheat and shut of. How can they have not picked up on this? Lack of field testing maybe.

Might not be a big issue to them. But for some of their customers its a huge deal. I already sent mine back for a refund, lost my money import taxes and shipping and thats fine, you live and learn.

Im sure the flaw will be fixed in production, but Ive moved on to something else. But it is the first time Ive had a problem with a Peavey. Some people sent their amp back to peavey and Peavey sent them a replacement with the same issue. It shows how clueless they were about their component flaw until their own customers told them, after dishing out their cash. I do believe and support that Peavey has great customer service.

Its not like they did this on purpose. This happens with new products. It sucks. Im not quilting on Peavey or their gear, but Id rather have their simple flagship models and Ill become a very late adaptor to their new stuff from now on.

They are going through some major changes. Maybe thats contributing to them releasing products like the mini heads, which are a great idea but new a little more time on the drawing board. Making gear in china is fine by me, stuffing components into a box int rocket science, but they just could not compete anymore at their price point.

Made in the US is also not a guarantee that a unit is free from flaws either. Mesa had issues with their first run of the Mini Recs also and their customer service is not as good as Peaveys.

Im a upset that I lost money?


Peavey Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

The II is a with an improved clean channel, and a modified distortion channel. It also has a different power supply and a few changes in the power section. They made no changes to the circuit at this point. Make your II sound more like the original This mod will make changes to the preamp section to make the ultra channel of your II match the specs of the original Your amp will be be growlier, more organic, more gainy and get a chunkier attack, but it will also become less tight. Bias Mods: The is biased very cold.


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