Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment —and your business. I would definitely recommend him. This can be used to lkd the camera operator achieve sharp focus. In Stock Update Location close.

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It supports resolutions up to x and frame rates from With excellent off axis viewing qualities, this an excellent choice for either a single viewer or when an entire group is going to be watching. The monitor features built-in waveform and vector scope displays for checking that the video signal is within spec.

The built-in camera focus aid enhances the edge detail for critical focus adjustments, allowing you to judge focus on its 9" screen, and not a tiny camera viewfinder. Timecode display, embedded audio level indicators and safe area markers allow you to precisely check your images for framing issues or audio distortion. A built-in display function features four selectable modes for adjusting how the monitor displays interlaced video.

The LMDW also features seven assignable control buttons with LED indicators and a rotary switch, for making selections and adjustments to the monitor. Built-in decoders allow you to display closed captioning on the monitor. The Display also features selectable gamma settings including 2. The wide viewing angle allows for off axis viewing when everyone is crowding around the monitor to see the footage.

This allows you to see a consistent image from virtually any position. Inter-Field This mode interpolates the images between fields to reduce jagged edges from temporal artifacts. Intra-Field This mode interpolates the images within a field for quick signal processing and is only available for a x signal.

Field Merge This mode merges odd and even fields together, and is best used when viewing either still images or Progressive Segmented Frames PsF. Moving images captured in an interlaced format and displayed in this mode will tend to display jitter due temporal artifacts. Line Doubler This mode doubles each field and is useful for editing and monitoring fast moving images. There is a processing delay of less than half a frame.


Sony LMD941W 9-inch Wide Screen LCD Monitor

It also offers a convenient compact size with the mobility and smart functions required for both indoor and outdoor use. The LMDW is ideal for a wide range of professional monitoring applications, including use in an editing studio, for outside broadcast, acquisition, field production, and much more. Camera focus function The camera focus function worksin various colours to ease camerafocus alignment. Mobility and flexibility The various range of accessory items further increases user flexibility and convenience. The retractable handle allows users to carry this monitor anytime, anywhere, andthe supplied arm-mount bracket makes it easy to mount this monitor into a camera system.


Sony Monitor Manual: LMD 941W



Sony LMD-941W LCD Production Monitor


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