Grozragore From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The gypsies travel to Madrid where Preciosa makes her debut in a festival for the patron saint of the city, Saint Annawhere Preciosa is able to sing and dance for the public. The gypsies agree to help Don Sancho, as that is his name until renamed Clemente by the gypsies. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat It appears that Cervantes is attempting to acknowledge a version of the gypsy life completely contrary to the stereotypical depiction.

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Start your review of La gitanilla Write a review Shelves: , cervantes , cervantino , classics , fiction-spanish , spain This is the first novella in the collection of the Exemplary Novels. Cervantes published them in , although they had been written along a twenty-year span. They are of varied themes and structure but the title of their collection emphasizes their purpose.

They are exemplary because they are didactic. They contain morals from which the readers will benefit. Reading with a purpose. The same editor who had published the First part of Don Quijote, Juan de la Cuesta, brought out these. Given how This is the first novella in the collection of the Exemplary Novels. Given how very successful that work from had been, it is of no surprise.

As the collection has twelve stories, my plan is to read one a month and treat them separately, since they were written independently from each other. The Preface to the collection has its own fame. The second famous section of the Preface is the physiognomic description of himself. The visitors were welcomed with a painted portrait and this description from the Preface written on the wall. La Gitanilla, or the Young Gipsy Girl, is fun. It reads similarly to the interspersed tales in the first part of Don Quijote.

This one is of a picaresque and folkloric tone.


EL RESUMEN DE LA OBRA “LA GITANILLA” – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra



Resumen de la obra de "la gitanilla", por miguel de cervantes


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