The Piotroski-Graham model remains one of the top-performing value model in financial research and continues to outperform long term with some additional enhancements. January trends follow the prior two portfolio formations, with high concentrations of undervalued financial and basic material sector stocks. These selections continue as ongoing tests and active portfolios for members looking for value stocks using one of the best fundamental value models in the financial literature with enhancements. The portfolios are released 6 times per year with the last article: Top Piotroski-Graham Value Stocks For November The benefits to financial statement analysis are concentrated in small and medium-sized firms, companies with low share turnover, and firms with no analyst following, yet this superior performance is not dependent on purchasing firms with low share prices.

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In spite of the test period being quite short it was not a good time to be invested in the stock market, as it included the internet stock market bubble , two recessions , and two bear markets , The following table shows you what returns you could have earned if you used only the Piotroski F-Score to get investment ideas. This means: If you invested only in companies with the highest Piotroski F-Score, your return would have been between An outstanding return I am sure you will agree.

Market returned only What we found was remarkable. For every strategy we tested, if you combined the F-Score with another ratio it would have given you a lot higher returns.

The following table shows you how much the return of the stand-alone strategies were improved by selecting only companies with a good Piotroski F-Score value of 8 or 9. Not bad I am sure you will agree.

As you can see the F-Score was able to increase the returns of all 13 strategies by an average of Adding quality can substantially increase your returns Thus adding a quality indicator, which the Piotroski F-Score really is, to your investment strategy or screen can increase your returns substantially.

The Piotroski F-Score, if you look at the way that the nine ratios it consists of are calculated, helps you add companies with good fundamental momentum to your portfolio. Add it with the slider You can easily add the F-Score by using one of the four sliders as the following screenshot shows. Or use filter Or you can select the best Piotroski F-Score companies by using the filter function in one of the columns.

To do this first type the number 8 in the field next to the small funnel. Then click on the small funnel image and select GreaterThan. Screener really easy to use Also the screener is really easy to set up and use.

You can save as many searches as you like with the F Score which mean you can run them as often as you like with a few mouse clicks.

Everything you have saved is automatically completed for you. Summary and conclusion - The Piotroski F-Score is a great investment strategy! Just think what adding the F-Score to your investment strategy can do for your returns. How much can a tool like this cost , you may be thinking?

To make it affordable, and give you a great return on your investment, even if your portfolio is still small we have made the price of the screener surprisingly low. It costs less than an inexpensive lunch for two each month Click here for more information.

IEEE 1101.2 PDF

Free Piotroski F Score Spreadsheet

Playing and investing in the stock market is a gamble. But you can decrease and manage investment risk when you have a strategy that works, like Joseph Piotroski. By the end of December , the winning strategy for the year was from Joseph Piotroski with a You can see the rankings for yourself on the AAII scoreboards. What is his system and how can you pick similar stocks? It was this paper that outlined 9 fundamental ranking criteria for picking winning stocks. During as the market sprang back to life, his strategy worked over 5 times better than his previous average.


How to Pick Winning Stocks that Gain 138.8% – Joseph Piotroski F-Score Value Investing Model

The spreadsheet no longer uses the Excel plugin to grab data from the internet. Subscribe to our paid app and spreadsheet analyzer for automatic updates. What is the Piotroski F Score? Keeping Score — Piotroski Score Spreadsheet Flickr: shorts and long The Piotroski F Score is a combination of 9 accounting checks to come up with a final score for the quality of the business. Here is another description of the Piotroski F Score. The Piotroski score is used to determine the best value stocks, nine being the best. The score was named after Chicago Accounting Professor, Joseph Piotroski who devised the scale according to specific criteria found in the financial statements.

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