Although Finn had to have the carrot dangling on a stick before he got started. To satisfy her adrenaline cravings—since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times—she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes. The werejackals were no more than paid assassins no matter how they liked to justify what they did. She wishes there were more hours in the day so she could actually do more of these things. Rehashing the same event was excessive. A great story with wonderfully drawn characters.

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Start your review of Hyena Moon Moon, 3 Write a review Jul 22, Marsha rated it really liked it I enjoy a book that immerses the reader to well into the plot that you feel as though you are riding a emotional roller coaster. He is hurt, angry and confused but Kess does what she does best and shows him kindness to the dismay of Carmac her boyfriend. Finn has been given the charge to watch him in case he tries something devious.

I enjoy a book that immerses the reader to well into the plot that you feel as though you are riding a emotional roller coaster. Rafe begin running on the beach with Finn in order to get out of the house. Finn notices the scars of abuse on the rail thin teen and Rafe begins to slowly come out of his shell. He runs after his sister in an attempt to talk to her but she gets away before he can do so. She is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse which leaves Rafe wondering who her real victim is.

Both he and Tess realize how dangerous the situation will be for her and so they decline her request. Lenore is feeling lonely and left out. Her best friend, Wyatt is being sequestered until he is able to control his shifts into a werebear so Lenore decides to take actions into her own hands, gathers her things and boards a train to Florida.

Prior to arriving in Jacksonville, she notifies her brother that she wants him to pick her up. Oh, did I mention, he is livid? When Lenore arrives at the house, Mac makes her call her parents. They too are angry but allow her to stay for a couple of weeks. Soon, Lenore and Rafe begin spending time together.

Mac is not pleased causing he and Kess to get into an argument. When Rafe and Lenore head out alone one day, they are almost attacked by Teresa. He calls Tess and she and Carmac pick them up.

Once again the anger can be cut with a knife. Kess talks with Rafe and Mac talks to Lenore. Kess is overwhelm with attempt to protect her dwindling pack and stays busy in meetings. One evening while the gang is out Teresa finds Rafe in the bathroom and informs him that mommy dearest misses him and wants him to come home. Then, she attacks Kess and Rafe runs off with her. Back at home his mother appears to be glad to see him but Rafe does not feel so great about the homecoming. Then, after his phone becomes missing, Rafe discovers that Teresa has used it to lure Lenore so that she can kidnap the girl.

When Kess and Mac find out about the kidnapping they have the fight to end all fights. Mac says some things in anger that he will regret and cannot ever be taken back. There promises to be an epic battle that many will not walk away from. The question is, wil this be the end for our characters? I truly enjoyed this read because of the way the characters grew. The major blow up between Kess and Carmac tugged at my heart. In order for romance to be believable it should be hot; otherwise, you just feel that it is just a lightweight crush.

In this installment Kess, Finn, and Mac are taking on the responsibilities of mature adults; so, it would have been nice to read some hotness in their relationships.


Hyena Moon

Sagrel Teresa is being groomed to take over for Samara, but Samara thinks Teresa is years ahead of herself, as she has no plans to relinquish control of the pack anytime soon. Not quite as much as the first but I completely understand the reason behind this jackla being a little ajckal. So the aspect of assassins, especially an unstable, impulsive assassin like Laila, really reduced my enjoyment of this story. How to write a great review.


Jackal Moon (Book 2 of the Moon series)

Vilabar Volume 4 of the Moon Series. He agrees to accompany Kess and Cormac to Miami when she is recalled there suddenly to take over her wereleopard pack. This took me a few chapters to adjust to. Leopard Jeznette or Jackal Moon! All the characters are pretty well written, as well as the world in which it takes place. I really enjoyed the first part of this series battita prompted me to seek out the next book. I gave this book 4 stars.


Jackal Moon (2012)

Its in the same style as Leopard Moon and I liked that cover also. Im curious as to what the next books cover will look like considering it seems to center around Rafe, the young hyena boy. I think the book blurb needs to be fixed because its confusing: Will Lailas training and skills be enough to save the young werejackal and everything shes I was given this book to read through the We Love YA Books ARR Group for an honest review, thank you. That would be a more accurate and less confusing. This is not a stand-alone book.

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