NET is very convenient. To install and start using iTextSharp, you can download the zipped reference files from the SourceForge Web site and then add them to your Visual Studio project the same way as you would do with any other third party library file. This is good news for any developer who likes to use CSS formatting. Although the CSS support is still basic, it is a definite step up from the earlier version of the object which did not support CSS at all. For example, the new object allows a number of important behaviors such as PDF page breaks that were impossible to do using the older object. These are: itextsharp.

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One of three hurricanes to hit North Carolina during the Atlantic hurricane season, it formed on August 7 from a tropical wave between the Lesser Antilles and Cape Verde. Diane initially moved west-northwestward with little change in its intensity, but began to strengthen rapidly after turning to the north-northeast.

Gradually weakening after veering back west, Diane made landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina, as a strong tropical storm on August 17, just five days after Hurricane Connie struck near the same area. Diane weakened further after moving inland, at which point the United States Weather Bureau noted a decreased threat of further destruction.

The storm turned to the northeast, and warm waters from the Atlantic Ocean helped produce record rainfall across the northeastern United States. On August 19, Diane emerged into the Atlantic Ocean southeast of New York City, becoming extratropical two days later and completely dissipating by August After the storm weakened in Virginia, it maintained an area of moisture that resulted in heavy rainfall after interacting with the Blue Ridge Mountains, a process known as orographic lift.

Flooding affected roads and low-lying areas along the Potomac River. The northernmost portion of Delaware also saw freshwater flooding, although to a much lesser extent than adjacent states. Diane produced heavy rainfall in eastern Pennsylvania, causing the worst floods on record there, largely in the Poconos and along the Delaware River.

Rushing waters demolished about road and rail bridges and breached or destroyed 30 dams. The swollen Brodhead Creek virtually submerged a summer camp, killing 37 people.

Storm damage was evident but less significant in southeastern New York.


Generate a PDF from an ASP.NET Web Page using the iTextSharp XMLWorker Namespace

HTML is intended to convey higher level information such as paragraphs and tables. Although there are methods to control it, it is ultimately up to the browser to draw these higher level concepts. PDF is intended to convey documents and the documents must "look" the same wherever they are rendered. A PDF file, however, must be independent of the rendering device, so regardless of your screen size it must always render exactly the same. XMLWorker can be more complicated sometimes but those complications also make it more extensible. Below is C code that shows how to parse HTML tags into iText abstractions that get automatically added to the document that you are working on. C and Java are very similar so it should be relatively easy to convert this.


ITextSharp HTML to PDF Conversion with CSS Files


ADG 1611 PDF

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