The system was designed so that in case of crash during machining, only the cartridge willbe damaged. Recommended for milling grey cast iron at high cutting speeds, providing extended tool life. First choice for milling nodular cast iron at medium to high cutting speeds. Heavy, Roughing, Medium or Finishing.

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All that you have to do is enter a few machining parameters. The tool selection process maximizes productivity and is based on objective technical data as opposed to an intuitive method of search. For this fourth industrial revolution, it is the optimal tool advisor based on application parameters and available machine power. The ITA places emphasis on customer profitability while assuring the right method of tool search for any application.

To receive quick results, users need to enter only a few mandatory fields 2 to 6. For more detailed data, users can complete additional detailed fields specifying machine parameters, tool diameters, tool type, and workpiece material.

The calculations will present the 3 most recommended tool selection results. Up to 24 additional tool recommendations will be available. The results include tool details, insert details, cutting conditions, power, metal removal rate and cutting time.

ITA supports both inch and metric platforms and supports 25 different languages. It enables fast searching for all ISCAR tools and inserts and shows parametric values alongside technical specifications. The electronic catalog is constantly updated and provides users with the very latest guide information. It also provides an anti-collision and verification tool path for CAD-Cam users. The ITA software is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a direct connection to an ITA support team member.

To connect with the ITA software, click on www. The IQ Cloud is available through the Machining Cloud application and is designed for desktop computers and popular tablets. The Tool Selector section of the application provides users with a method of selecting cutting tools from a tree structure using either a hierarchy or parametric search.

The electronic catalog pages feature the same interface used in the paper catalogs, with an additional search method for users who seek online or offline catalog related information.

Industrealize provides explanations and illustrative animations which depict industry oriented metalworking processes in a vivid and descriptive manner. The Industrealize section also recommends the best tools for each application type. To learn more, click on www. Modular drawer and bin configurations can be exchanged for different bins, giving the user an infinite number drawer of configurations. Add-on cabinets for additional space may be connected with a click of a cable.

Multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database. This system is a truly modular and comes in different sizes and configurations, with the possibility to grow as your needs change.

To learn more click on www.


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