The emission range of the LED light source is centered at a wavelength of nm. The full width at the half maximum is 32 nm, while the half width at the half maximum is 16 nm for our LED light source. Therefore, the samples were irradiated through a cuboid, a tube with both sides open, which was covered inside with a highly reflective coating to make the irradiation spot more homogenous. In addition, the spectral irradiance distribution of the light source was detected with a spectroradiometer EKO Instruments, LS, Japan. For the swelling studies, three of the samples at different light intensities, 0.

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Virn Another possible method of forming a final stable product is the reaction of the isomer with a reactive component of the resin matrix [ 25 ].

DTS was calculated from the maximum compression load at the specimen fracture in a diametric position, with the following equation: In addition, hypothesis tests, including independent sample -tests and the nonparametric Mann—Whitney tests, were run.

For practical applicability, swelling experiments were performed in deionized water for seven days at ambient temperature. However, the chain polymerization of acrylate monomers during photopolymerization may involve very complex reactions; therefore, it is only possible to work with simplified models. Irgacure , Irgacure Suppliers and Manufacturers at Photopolymerization of the Samples To exclude oxygen, the photocuring process was performed under laminate conditions.

The photopolymerizations were done in a dark room, without any backlights. Sabol, D and Gleeson, M. For dental applications, higher light intensities are favorable; however these values fall well below those previously reported for CQ [ 16 ]. A deeper understanding of the processes, which occur during free radical photopolymerization, is necessary in order to develop a fully comprehensive model, which represents their behavior during exposure.

An irgacure doped photopolymers for display holograms recording at nm This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted irgacuer, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is iryacure cited. That is, while most of the polymerization reaction occurs during the first minutes after irradiation, a significant portion of reaction may take place after curing [ 29 ].

Asmussen and Peutzfeldt [ 24 ] examined the influence of these monomers on the mechanical properties of experimental resin composites. Irgcaure starts with exposure to a irgafure source, the operation wavelength of which depends on the photoinitiator added.

As the photocuring progresses, of the network formed also increases, and the initially viscous liquid monomer mixture becomes a glassy solid. The polymerization of the samples was performed at a light intensity of 1. For the swelling studies, three of the samples different light intensities, 0. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. In addition to the copolymer composition, the photoinitiator also influences the physical properties of the resins.

Notably, the increase in hardness after one-week storage is not significant, indicating high conversion at each intensity, which aligns well with the extraction results. Using a low value of 1. Experimental layout for Raman spectroscopy a and the laminated Teflon mold used for preparing the resins b.

Fifteen cylindrical samples were created. Since we used a green LED light source to initiate the photopolymerization process, knowing the characteristics of the lamp and sensitivity of the initiator in the green region of visible light is important.

The high diametral tensile strength values may be attributed to the high degree of conversion of the methacrylate double bonds [ 37 ]. Journal of Applied Physics, Compressive strength has a particularly important role in the mastication process, since most of the masticatory forces are of compressive nature. By including autoacceleration and vitrification in the expression, we obtained very good agreement irgcaure the experimental and calculated kinetic values.

An irgacure doped photopolymers for display holograms recording at nm — Semantic Scholar The compressive strength and diametric tensile strength of the resins, cured at 1. However, the diametral tensile test is only suitable for truly brittle materials. Table of Contents Alerts. Herein, we report on our investigation into the effect of irgacjre LED light-curing unit on the mechanical properties and conversion rates of acrylate-based experimental resin containing Irgacure photoinitiator.

They stated that for the designed mechanical properties of dental composite resins it is best to apply monomers in this optimal ratio for that purpose. The sample size is denoted by. In addition, the spectral irradiance distribution of the light source was detected with a spectroradiometer EKO Instruments, LS, Japan. For the photopolymerization process to be effective, the spectral radiant power of the light-curing unit must fall within the spectral range required to activate the photoinitiator present in the resin [ 13 ].

The uncured resin was placed in a Teflon mold and the samples were covered with a thin polyester foil. Related Posts


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Taujin Photoinitiation study of Irgacure in an epoxy resin photopolymer The photopolymerization was performed at different light intensities ranging from 0. While the photocuring of dimethacrylate-based dental resins in combination with Irgacure and LED light source has many advantages, similar to other free-radical polymerizations, it may be strongly inhibited by free-radical scavengers such as oxygen. De Munck et al. Photoinitiator CAS No.


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