Princess Gulbabadan was the granddaughter of Amir Timurid. He sat on the throne after the death of Babar. He faced trouble due to disobedience of his brothers Kamran, Askari, and Hindal. Humayun went to Kabul and later stayed in Persia for many years. He took back the throne with the help of Persian king.

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Takora Learn how and when to remove these template messages. She had to live ih Kabul with one of her step brothers, who later tried to recruit her husband to join him against Humayun. Two years later, inshe bore Humayun a son named Akbar, the greatest of the Mughal rulers.

Two years later Babur set out on his last expedition across the Indus to conquer an empire in India. She appears to have been an educated, pious, and cultured woman of royalty.

However in obedience to the royal command, I set down whatever there is that I have hukayun and remember. She did not return to Agra immediately after Humayun won back his kingdom. She grew up to be a highly educated and well-cultured lady and was humaun to a Chagatai Mughal noble, Khizr Khwaja Khan, kn at the age of seventeen. She records the fratricidal conflict between urcu brothers with a sense of grief.

It ends in mid-sentence, describing the blinding of Kamran Mirza. Gulbadan wrote in simple Persian without the erudite language used by better-known writers. It is said that for the two years after her death, Akbar lamented constantly that he missed his favourite aunt, until his own death in Beveridge, Annette Susannah, ed.

The manuscript seems to end abruptly in the yearfour years before the death of Humayun. Humayn they were of royal birth, the women of the harem were hardy and prepared to face hardships, especially since their lives were so intimately intertwined with the men and their fortunes. It came to be known as Humayun-nama. The imperial princess Gulbadan Begum. There was no response. Her life, like all the other Mughal women of the haremwas intricately intertwined with three Mughal kings — her father Babur, brother Humayun and nephew Akbar.

She finally returned inseven years after she had set forth on her journey. Gulbadan Begum described the details of this incident and the marriage of Humayun and Hamida Banu with glee, hukayun a hint of mischievousness in her manuscript. When Princess Gulbadan was born in c.

This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Instead, she stayed behind in Kabul until she was brought back to Agra by Akbar, two years after Humayun died in a tragic accident in Her charities were large, and iin is said of her that she added day unto day in the endeavour to please God, and this by succouring the poor and needy.

This article needs attention from an expert in India. If Gulbadan Begum wrote about the death of Humayun, when he tumbled down the steps in Purana Qila in Delhi, it has been lost. Gulbadan Begum stayed in Mecca for nearly four years and during her return a shipwreck in Aden kept her hmuayun returning to Agra for several months.

Imperial Identity in the Mughal Empire: Finally she was advised by the other women of the harem to reconsider, and she consented to marry the Emperor.

It also appears to be incomplete, with the last chapters missing. This article has multiple issues. State University of New York Press. Related Posts.


Humayun Nama by Gulbadan Begam Download Free Pdf

Background[ edit ] The decision of Babur to divide the territories of his empire between two of his sons was unusual in India, although it had been a common Central Asian practice since the time of Genghis Khan. Unlike most monarchies , which practised primogeniture , the Timurids followed the example of Genghis and did not leave an entire kingdom to the eldest son. Although under that system only a Chingissid could claim sovereignty and khanal authority, any male Chinggisid within a given sub-branch had an equal right to the throne though the Timurids were not Chinggisid in their paternal ancestry. He had ruled only four years, and not all umarah nobles viewed Humayun as the rightful ruler. Indeed, earlier, when Babur had become ill, some of the nobles had tried to install his Brother-in-law, Mahdi Khwaja, as ruler.


Humayun Nama . ھما یوں نامہ ۔ گل بدن بیگم

Doull History, Art and Culture. Beveridge, Annette Susannah, ed. Beveridge translated it into English Beveridge affectionately called her Princess Rosebud. Princes of the Mughal Empire, It is also believed that Akbar asked his aunt to write down from her memory so that Abul Fazl could use the information in his own writings about the Emperor Akbar. Her arrival in Mecca caused quite a stir and people from as far as Syria and Asia Minor swarmed to Mecca to get a share of the bounty. There must have been very few copies of the manuscript, and for this reason it himayun not receive the recognition it deserved.

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The history of Humayun = Humayun-nama



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