Warranty types Warranty removed from product: This product was designated to be returned to HP. Thus, the warranty has been removed from this product. Product sold by third party: This product was sold by a third party. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the third party that sold the product. Product has been exchanged: This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.

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Surge tolerant withstands power surges up to V Yes Power consumption and heat dissipation Power consumption and heat dissipation specifications are available for multiple power supply configurations. For additional information about power-saving features, see your operating system documentation. This product is in compliance with U. Executive Order System fans and airflow The workstation includes one rear system fan, one memory fan, one processor CPU heatsink fan for each processor, and one power supply fan, plus a front system fan.

Resetting the power supply If an overload triggers the power supply overload protection, all power is immediately shut off. To reset the power supply unit: Disconnect the power cord. Determine what caused the overload and fix the problem. Reconnect the power cord and reboot the workstation. When you power down the workstation through the operating system, power consumption falls below the low power consumption rate but does not reach zero.

Power cord requirements The power cord set flexible cord or wall plug received with this product meets the requirements for use in the country where you purchased the equipment. If you must obtain a power cord for a different country, you should purchase a power cord that is approved for use in that country. The voltage and current rating of the cord should be greater than the voltage and current rating marked on the product.

The length of the cord must be between 1. If you have questions about the type of power cord to use, contact the HP authorized service provider. A power cord should be routed so that it is not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed on it or against it. Particular attention should be paid to the plug, electrical outlet, and the point where the cord exits from the product.

A 10AMP-capable minimum power cord should be used with a V power source.

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HP xw9400 Workstation PC Product Specifications



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HP Workstation xw9400 - Second-Generation Opteron 2218 2.6 GHz - Monitor : none. Series Specs


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