If you turn away, then you should know that the sole function of our messenger is to deliver the message. To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no God except He. He grants life and death.

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If you turn away, then you should know that the sole function of our messenger is to deliver the message. To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no God except He. He grants life and death. This has been shown by solid historical evidence. Moreover, the Quran pronounced this fact as well when God stated several times that the function of the messenger was only to deliver the message. Verse 92 of Sura 5 that we quote above is one of them.

We also quote Verse of Sura 7 which states that Prophet Muhammad himself believes in the divine words, i. Are we brave enough to admit our mistake, retrace our steps and make amends?

Or, shall we continue arrogantly to cling to and defend traditions that we have inherited from our forefathers? To let ourselves drift aimlessly in confusion, backwardness, degradation and disunity that have plagued us all these thousand years?

So what are we to do now? Is there any way out? Is there no "Second Comings" for us, for mankind? But there is. Everything that we need, the primordial element, lies in the Quran, latent and merely waiting for us to reach out to it again. The clearest spring with its purest fount of knowledge still runs straight and true in the Quran, just as it has from the day it was first revealed by God Almighty in His All-Encompassing Mercy for all mankind.

The example of such disbelievers is that of a parrot; they repeat what they heard without understanding. Deaf, dumb and blind, they fail to understand. We shall not be like parrots and repeat what others tell us without first questioning and understanding things. The answer to our dilemma, therefore, lies in our going to the Quran for guidance. If it were from other than God, they would have found many contradictions therein.

We are challenged to find even one contradiction within it. Does any other book have any such statement? On the contrary, this rejection is precisely to clear the name of the Prophet from false teachings attributed to him against his will, in the same manner as the false teachings that Jesus is the Son of God has been attributed to Jesus by later Christians. It is the fundamental law and the basic guidance for mankind covering every aspect of life.

Other books are merely expositions either for or against the grand ideas contained in the Quran. He was, of course, also an exemplary leader and teacher, but these roles were secondary. In that role, he implemented the Divine imperatives in the context of 7th century Arabia. But strangely, none of these treaties, constitutions etc. However, it is only the Quran that is binding upon us all, for all time.

The status of the Medina Charter, for example, is the status of a legal precedent. It is not binding on us because in it the Prophet applied Quranic principles of administration to seventh century Arab tribal society. Our modern nation-state can study it and learn whatever lessons we can from it. Whatever good teachings that can be found in them — and there are many — we can and should follow them.

This should be plain. A Recurring Weakness of Mankind History is a good teacher to mankind as it bears true testimony. So let us look at history. However, some three hundred years after his death, the religious leaders instituted a new doctrine not taught by him that he was the Son of God!

But a few centuries after his death, their religious leaders set up another book, the Talmud, which they followed while ignoring the Torah. Ironically, after knowing all these, the Muslims repeated the same mistakes. Thus, history repeated itself! Why did this happen?

People set up idols thinking that these idols will bring them closer to God. But this is only an excuse. Through these idols, they legalize their whims and fancies without paying the least regard to laws of God. This is what God has explained in the following verses: "Additionally we have appointed for every prophet enemies from among the human devils and jinn devils, who invent and narrate to each other fancy words in order to deceive.

Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their inventions. With Muhammad, however, the true scientific age of mankind began. Thus, God commissioned Muhammad to deliver His final Scripture, the Quran, not just to a specific national community but to all mankind. This scripture is not only complete, perfect and detailed, but also protected by God against human corruption. The aim of this scripture is to finally free mankind from all manner of shackles, burdens and wrong teachings as well as to lead mankind along the Path of Peace to the Light of God.

At the beginning, i. They scaled the heights of civilization and progress so rapidly, surpassing the two superpowers of Byzantium and Persia then, that it astounded the world.

They created the greatest material, intellectual and spiritual civilization at that time. These are names enshrined in the history of world culture. It is this supreme achievement of the first Muslim civilization that made the famous British science historian, G. Sarton, remark: "The main task of mankind was accomplished by Muslims. It took a period of about four to five centuries, beginning from the second and lasting in the sixth century of Islam. Prior to the political and ideological conflicts, caused by nothing more than greed and pride, the Muslims had always settled their issues by referring to the Quranic teachings.

Therefore, they had remained united and strong. Guided by the Quran, they did not discriminate between the weak and the powerful, the few and the many, and between factions and tribes. The Quran points out the truth and the right course of action for them to follow.

Soon after this came the factional fighting, the moral decay and the demise of the Muslim pre-eminence. God suffices as guide and protector. It is logical, therefore, that if our intention today is to honor and follow Prophet Muhammad, we must return to his original and true teachings, i. We cannot avoid this responsibility, although some of us do not like it. The Prophet himself told us that his mission was to deliver the Quran, and he himself followed the Quran and nothing but the Quran.

The negative development that has occurred in Muslim society, as we have stated above, is due to the general human weakness of wanting to idolize human beings. In their history human beings have idolized prophets, saints, religious scholars and priests, leaders, material wealth, their own egos and, of course, lifeless idols.

This mistake has been committed by all religious communities, not excepting the Muslims. The best way to avoid and overcome this weakness is to apply Islamic scientific criticism to all beliefs, theories, philosophies and man-made systems and towards all public figures, as explained in Chapter 1. Only in this way can we separate truth from falsehood and make the truth uppermost and falsehood low.

In my opinion, the re-evaluation of the whole Islamic heritage is one of the biggest tasks that has to be undertaken by the Muslims. It begins from Adam, through Idris, Noah and Abraham who was given the religious practices of prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage , and handed down to Moses, Jesus and ending with Prophet Muhammad, when the Divine teachings to mankind were completed, perfected and forever protected in His final Scripture, the Grand Quran.

Although the religion is the same, the laws introduced by Muhammad are different from those brought by Jesus and Moses. This is due to the different social conditions. While at the times of Moses and Jesus, human society was tribal and still at a lower social evolution, with Muhammad it was entering a period of the international society and scientific-technological era. For that reason, the most important feature of the new laws is the liberation of mankind from all forms of superstitions and wrong beliefs.

This liberating feature of the law is stated thus in the Quran God said, "My retribution afflicts whomever I will, and My mercy encompasses all things. However, I shall designate it for those who work righteousness, give to charity and believe in Our revelations.

Also for those who follow the messenger, the Gentile prophet, whom they find written in their Torah and Gospel. He exhorts them to work righteousness and refrain from evil, and he permits for them the good things and prohibits the bad, and he unloads the burden of their covenant and remove the chains that bind them. Thus, those who believe in him, honor him and follow the light that was sent down to him, they are the winners.

With this type of freedom thrust upon them, together with the illuminating magnificence of the Quran to guide them, the Prophet and his followers went on, within a very short space of years, to build a civilization that is yet unparalleled in terms of the rapidity of its advancement and in terms of the justice of its laws.

At a time when Europe was in the Dark Age, the Muslims founded an intellectual and material civilization that would serve as the model and source of knowledge for the rise of modern Europe later.

But it would be a Europe that would inherit the mantle from the Muslims. The knowledge founded by the Muslims was the spark that would ignite Europe. Europe would develop further on this borrowed knowledge and build up a leadership in the intellectual arena that perhaps has not been surpassed till this day. The Muslims, on the other hand, settled into a complacency that would smother them until today and perhaps for some time to come.

The Muslims have ignored the source of their greatness and instead have shackled themselves with superstitious and silly ideas. The teachings of the Quran have been almost completely put aside. They can only exaggerate and fall back upon the memory of a great past that now escapes them. There began the distinction between the secular and the spiritual. Western civilization has therefore crippled itself. We can thus denigrate the West. But what about the Muslims?


Hadith A Re-Evaluation By Kassim Ahmad

In it he writes that the hadith books in Shia and Sunni Islam were introduced without any authoritative basis. It claims that the hadith books were not endorsed by Muhammad, nor by the first four caliphs, nor by the Quran. The book makes the case for Quranism , a minority sect in Islam. Author[ edit ] Kassim Ahmed was born in in Kedah , Malaysia. He taught at the London School of Oriental and African studies as well as various secondary schools.


Hadith: A Re-evaluation






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