Hyponock: Es un wyvern tipo pajaro, parecido a un pollo pelao Dispondra de un ataque de gas somnifero Se caracteriza basicamente por lo mismo que Plesioth si,sera igual o mas jodido que el plesioth , pero en vez de agua, escupira fuego. Yamatsukami: Sera otro de los monstruos masivos. Ahora regresara para hacernos recorrer toda la torre tratando de alcanzarle.

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Introduction of the Felyne Comrade 2. How to calculate Damage 3. Felyne Comrade Leveling Up Information 4. Felyne Characteristics, Loyalty and Combat Styles 5. Felyne Comrade Skills 6. Training Routine and Developement 7. This concept offered a whole new range of tactics to the average hunt, enriching the experiences from the precedent Monster Hunter titles. Felyne comrades are unique, they come in different colors and behaviors but creating the best felyne comrade is difficult. Thats where this guide comes in to help a little So what are we waiting for?

Lets get started, nya! Felyne attacks are considered by many players as "nimble", "pathetic", "weak"and "suprisingly unreliable" And correct they are! But raw damage will eventually overtake the elemental that is if you train and buff up the cat.

A fully trained cat will do up to 45 damage per attack! Looks just like ours, but without sharpness and attack type etc. If you are familiar with how melee damage works, this should be a breeze for you. It also can do a jumping slash attack that can sometimes reach the wings. Say your felyne is attacking Tigrex. Simply substitute 0. Okay, now for the example: Akantor gets angry and goes into rage mode. Its rage multiplier is 0.

For the Critical part, you need to substitute 1. There is no such thing as a negative critical. Notice that your cat changes its weapon now and then? So from the table above, just substitute the Divider into the equation from above.

Say if you have a Felyne with Slash attack. Since the attack is between the range, substitute in 8. Poison, Paralyze and Sleep all have the same Status Attack. Okay, this is just simple substitution, for example: Your felyne attacks Garuga on the face with Water Elemental imbued to its melee weapon.

Garuga takes 20 Water, then just put 0. What about Bomb damage?! Bomber cats are considered the Gunners since they can attack from a small distance and from ledges, so I was too lazy to calculate a proper formula for damage. They are still however of some value As your Loyalty Heart Level increases, your felyne will do these more often. The only thing it will do less is become idle, or fall asleep. To increase Loyalty Heart level, you need the following amount of Loyalty Points: 1st heart: points 2nd heart: points 3rd heart: points 4th heart: points 5th heart: points When you first hire your Felyne comrade, it should already have 2 Hearts, so it will start with Loyalty Points.

Your cat will get x 0. Points rewarded from different quests completed will be needed to acquire these skills. Certain skills will be unlocked after a condition is reached, for example hunting the Garuga will unlock the High Grade Earplug skill or slaying the Hypnoc will activate the Sleep weapon imbuement skill for your felyne to later on purchase with points.

It also shows that the skill is activated white , or in the progress of learning grey. Some more advanced skills will require more quests to be completed than other skills for it to be activated.

Once activated the skill will remain until you want the felyne to forget it. This includes G-level Gathering. Tip: Having at least one Advanced skill is recommended for a Lv 20 Felyne. Easy to work out, so I will show two examples: Finishing the "Absolute Zero" quest without fainting will earn you guild points.

So the least you will recieve is 2 Skill Points. Will only work if there is a boss monster. It also can walk faster when holding bombs. Only works if there is a boss monster in the map. Attack is increased. Idle or sleeping is still possible. After the 8th faint, the attack will return to the original value. Take note that skills can only be erased if the felyne has already learnt that skill, not in the middle of learning it. For "Fencing" it will increase randomly, sometimes attack and sometimes defense.

For Toughness and Strength, it will sometimes increase by 1, not just 2. I do not know why this happens so yeah Information: Note: Increasing will have effect after a quest. I will add more questions as you ask Q: What happened to sharpness and attack type? As for attack types, a felyne will have two different attacks: Spinning Slash - The cat goes on all fours and rushes to the monster, doing a spin.

Pros: - The cat can quickly recover from the spin and launch another. Cons: - Low reach, mostly reaches the legs. Jumping Slash - Same as the Spinning, but the cat will jump and do some kind of slam dunk with its melee weapon. Cons: - Slow recovery, leaves the cat open. Q: How much damage does my cat do when it bounces off a monster? They also ignore any bouncing. In short it actually depends on the monster you are fighting.

Q: Where do I get that Samurai suit for my felyne? No whatever costume your felyne comrade wears does not affect its damage outcome. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. View in:.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – Felyne Comrade Guide

Gameplay[ edit ] Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has more missions, equipment, and monsters than Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and a new feature is a Felyne fighter to help the player on their quests. A new type of quest, the "Epic Hunting Quest", was introduced, which will enable the player to take on, one by one, up to 4 different monsters in one quest, as shown in the released demo. Weapons can now have up to purple sharpness which is higher than white sharpness. The player can now accept HR quests in the gathering hall and new elder quests outside the gathering hall from a felyne beside the village elder. The downloadable content can give the player special armor for their felyne along with early unlocks for some of the felyne skills. The introduction of new monsters such as the Ukanlos have been put into the game with even more creatures than the last version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on the PSP system. In addition to this bundle, people who pre-ordered the game also received a black, hairy strap.


MHFU: Monstruos

Mostrar cita Yo tengo bastantes, aqui os dejo una lista de ellas: Como conseguirlas: Barba de Nekoto: Completa todas las misiones de? Campana de Nekoto: Completa todas las misiones de? Capa de Nekoto: Completa todas las misiones de? Escudo de plata: Completar todas las misiones G de? Escudo de oro: Completar todas las misiones G de? Anillo de Obsidiana: Mata al Fatalis Negro en las misiones de? Ornamento blanco: Mata al Fatalis Blanco en las misiones de?


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – Guides and FAQs



Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


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