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Horse Taming and Leveling Guide Introduction The first iteration of the taming and mount system was released for extensive testing in patch 0. This long anticipated feature is very much still under development, but it has surprising depth.

The developers have the ability to turn the whole system on and off at will. They have been on most of the time, but last week, the developers chose to disable mounts for the Saturday open State of War.

Currently, we are not sure if devs intend to wipe our horses or if they will turn them off temporarily again. Horses will be on for the upcoming State of War Saturday!

What I can say is I have been pleased with the system and having a lot of fun with it. It has some major hiccups, but the potential is definitely there, and devs are putting out updates and patches all the time. The game feels different on horseback than on the ground, and it has already changed the way battles are fought. Devs have said they intend to allow breeding and selling of horses, and implement horse cosmetics and crafting items for use with horses.

Finding and Taming your First Horse Horses can be found in groups of 2 or 3 in various places around the map. Devs have said that horses are supposed to walk from point to point, but so far, I have found them in stationary locations only.

Here is a player made map resources guide. Horses are very new, but peole are adding in horse spawn locations every day. Here is a section of the map in in Ismir territory showing known horse spawn locations: Taming is as easy as going to one of these locations, walking up to a horse and pressing E. The horse will not run away or despawn or anything. I would expect this system to see some additional tweaking as time goes on.

A new horse will spawn in about 15 minutes. To summon your horse, press T. To dismount your horse, look at the horse and press E. You can tame up to 3 horses. A 4th stable slot is available for 5 gold at the Stablemaster which can be found near the logistician in every major city. To swap your current active horse, you must visit the Stablemaster and select a different horse.

That sure was easy! But are some horses better than others? Oh, you bet! Read on. This is a young horse. Generally you want to tame young horses. This horse is quite young, so that is good! Horses age automatically over time. You cannot change the rate at which a horse ages. It seems that horses are designed to last around 3 months based on their current ageing rate. That means his current level is 10 and his maximum level is Is that good? After many, many tames, it seems that the maximum horse level is So, this horse is quite below average in that respect.

Would you want your character to only be able to hit level 47? Is this horse worth keeping? Other people will have horses with level 90 and above stats. It may take you a few or many tries, but it is really important to try to find a young horse with a high maximum level. If devs wipe horses and there is a mad rush for horses, just tame whatever you can get and try for a better one later.

Any horse is better than no horse! Attributes and Builds Horses have 4 Attributes that you can put points into. Visit a Stablemaster, near the logistican, to apply unspent attribute points. Vitality HP and HP regen.

A horse with high HP and HP regen will be tankier on the battlefield and take longer to kill. Condition Stamina and Stamina Regen. Stamina determines how long your horse can sprint and how quickly that stamina regenerates when you slow down or stop.

Dynamics How quickly the horse speeds up and stops. Agility Turn radius. Horses with high agility can turn quickly and at smaller angles, great for weaving in between enemies in battle or looping around a tree. Durability Seems fixed at for all horses. No horse I have tamed or seen has ever had a different durability. It is not something you can put points into. Ageing This is how old your horse is.

You cannot make your horse younger and you cannot stop it ageing. This means you will eventually lose your horse. It will continue to age in the stable. Attribute Points Much like your character, the more points you put into an attribute, the more expensive that will become. This means if you want to dump all your points into Condition, it will become costly. This means you can also create builds for your horse and have a stable full of horses with different purposes.

Warhorse: Vitality, Condition, Agility, Dynamics. It seems to me that these two values are the ones which are most likely not to need to be pumped up to the max, but again, no one has yet maxed out a horse, so comparing 2 horses turn radius or dynamics has not yet been done extensively.

In the future, there will be Attribute Rest Books available for horses like you can get for your character, so you could "reroll" your horse.

Riding: You must be covering distance in order to get XP for riding. That means you cannot just auto walk it into a wall or in a small circle to get XP. Kill Things: Combat on horseback is tricky and will take you a while to get used to.

A good long 2 hander will help you feel it out. I like guisarmes as well as Hordun Spears. The hitboxes and such feel much different on horseback, so try out different things and see what you like.

It is kinda OP for leveling a horse right now in terms of damage and ease of use, especially against NPC mobs. If your horse dies, it will have a short cooldown and then you can resummon it OR you can visit the stable and click "regenerate" to bring your horse back for a fee. Stable: You will find the Stableman right next to the Logistician in all major cities.

When your horse is in the stable, you can pay a small fee to level it once every 22 hours. Visiting the Stable and Leaving Your Horse in the Open World Stable You can visit the stable to train your horses and spend their attribute points earned while leveling. The stablemaster is found near the Logistician in every major city, and is indicated by a white covered wagon icon on your minimap.

When you click on your horse in the stable, you can spend earned attribute points by clicking on the left and right arrows on each attribute.

Leaving Your Horse in the Open World You can dismount your horse anywhere in the world by looking at it and pressing E. It can be killed by other players or NPCs. If it is, it will have a short cooldown timer and you can resummon it. Your horse cannot be stolen or looted from you. If you leave your horse in the open world, you can easily find it with the horse icon on the map.

If you get too far from your horse or stay off it too long, it will despawn, you can simply resummon with T. You can also just leave your horse somewhere, and hit T and it will teleport over to you, so its really impossible to lose. Mounted Melee Combat Mounted melee combat is all about speed, literally. In order for your character to do the most damage, your horse must be in a sprint. If you want to ride your horse in to soak up damage, depending on your build, that could be a very good idea.

When your horse is damaged while sprinting it will be knocked out of "sprint" and be reduced to gallop for several seconds. Horses do not have player collision boxes, that means you and everyone else can walk through them, and trying to use them to block a bridge or door way will not work.

Remember: Your horse cannot be stolen or looted by another player. It can be killed. After a short cooldown, it can be resummoned with T. Mounted Archery Mounted archery is pretty simple. You sit on your horse and shoot your bow. This is an easy way for archers to get a bit of quick elevation when standing behind a group of infantry. Unlike melee, your horse does not need to be moving for you to get maximum damage potential. There is a built in RNG wobble to arrow shots from horseback.

This means that instead of your arrow landing always exactly where you are aiming, there is a built in "wobble.


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