Bond e Flicka sono invitati a pressare Tarn al fine di scoprire i suoi traffici ed indurlo a commettere un errore. I due partono alla volta di Cambridge , dove lo incontrano con la moglie Trish Nuzzi e si presentano come i coniugi Brusby che si trovavano nella nave affondata. Bond riesce a liberarsi e chiama Bill Tanner, il capo del personale del Servizio Segreto, da cui scopre che ufficialmente Tarn e la moglie sono morti in un incidente stradale. Riceve un messaggio da Dolmech che comunica che i Tarn sono vivi e si trovano nella loro villa a Siviglia. La donna, che ha un fisico da modella ma il volto completamente tumefatto dalle botte del marito, racconta a Bond e Flicka che Max Tarn si crede la reincarnazione di Hitler ed ha le sue basi operative a Siviglia e San Juan di Porto Rico. Mentre fruga tra le carte nella casa, Bond chiede a Flicka di sposarlo al termine del caso.

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Shelves: mystery , middle-grade , magical-fantasy , 4-star , read Woah. This series. I may flail Because I am kind like that. It was wonderful to listen too and the voices for different characters were perfection. It also went really fast. I listened to it all in just a few days. These books are downright hilarious. If I can only ask for two Woah. If I can only ask for two things in books I want awesome characters and fabulous humour. I love the banter between Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

I also love their relationship. They are family. For me this was definitely better than book 1. The stakes were a little higher and the enemies a little more undefeated-able. We meet about 4 new villains. I loved the variety, like Spring-Heeled Jack was awful and slimy and freaky moster.

But the American agh! And the Grotesquory sorry! I listened to it on audio, so I have noooo idea how to spell anything was awful and unbeatable. My biggest MEH moment is how much action scenes there were.

But there was so many fighting scenes it got tiresome. It really felt like two people battled while everyone else watched. I was kind of miffed at that. Also there was the awfully cliche thing of "secondary-characters-can-be-killed-with-one-backhand-while-main-characters-get-up-every-time. Epic magical plot? A skeleton?

I love this series so much. Valkyrie was having none of it. I absolutely love her.


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