Kerisar Anonymous Time to read the manga lol. It was also one of the first shows for which transport streams were available. Lenlo I actually link to that very post in my writeup Animosh. Lenlo By the way, Banana Fish final review is up incase you didn;t see it or scroll down. A wandering medicine seller senses that she was killed by a Bakeneko, a cat ghost.

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Marta Akerman We also want to stress that we do not own any of the fansbs, graphics or videos on this site. Looking forward to that one upcoming series of the director of Dennou Coil. It has a clear start and finish, it has clear themes and characters, but it has no real plot whatsoever. The best thing about this show is the story, which seems to be quite a classic and has some monstrously evil characters.

Especially Veko and Wazukyan. I was very sceptic when I saw how the trailer showed too many of those psycho or batshit crazy character types ayakahsi love so much. As Amagi said in her reply, I wish the human drama would have been highlighted more. During the Edo period, the daughter of a family of samurai dies under mysterious circumstances, just before getting married. Especially during the fansybs of the Return of the Trolls period nothing was sacred, everything could be laughed at and there were fansubx such thing as a secret except where those secrets would incriminate ourselves.

Not so with gg. At this point koda was becoming rather burned out on fansubbing and mostly just wanted the entire thing to go out with a bang. Subscribe to the RSS feed for all comments on this post. But it only changed the parent, not all the posts! SuperMario Well, happy new year guys!! The aya,ashi, Bakeneko, is an original story.

Anyway, I met koda. Its all a plot to torment you. Now her downfall worked splendidly, but her redemption? He slowly starts remembering events that happened prior as he is taken care of by the 7th.

Anonymous Time to read the manga lol. Hello one and all, welcome to another week of Planetes. You may want to give that a read for an insight into one special fansubbing […]. I love this series but agree with your arguments.

A quick and dirty review of Angolmois: Once again, Planetes goes for one good episode, one iffy one. I do love show giving hints but I do need some sort of confirmation. This time Honda-San teaches us about publishes and dives into a world of demons and fantasy.

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Chikao Ohtsuka as Yoshiyuki Sakai Bakeneko. Kappei Yamaguchi as Kaikaimaru Tenshu Monogatari. The series starts off at a tournament where a one armed samurai faces a blind one and quickly flashes back to reveal the history between the two fighters. Lord Yoshiyuki confesses to Kusuriuri of an incident 25 years earlier when he kidnapped Tamaki, a beautiful sacrificial maiden.

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