This example was obtained rather inexpensively in a group of three derelict handheld meters. None of the segments can be seen at all. In an attempt to find out exactly which part of the LCD has turned dark, I carefully removed the polarized reflective backing. This reveals that the glass is still clear, and the backing is responsible for the darkening.

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Quote from: vinlove on February 18, , pm My question about these old DMM is how long will they keep on working accurately and be useful. I mean they are all more than 20 years old, so will they not need recapping if they use any capacitors in the circuit inside these DMM?

Or are they OK in this respect, and will last much longer without having to get serviced? I can speak from my experience. I believe that my experience is typical based on what other people have written. And yes the electrolytic capacitors can leak after about 20 years, depending on how the meter was stored.

The display can be fuzzy or have bleeding. The Zener is to protect from reverse polarity and over-voltage. So if you are buying one, check for a nice clear LCD display. Check the battery compartment for corrosion. When they are restored, these meter are remarkably accurate.

At some point in its life it had been overloaded causing failure of the MOVs on the input. This contaminated the board with carbon. I had almost given up. Then I cleaned the board in a ultrasonic cleaner for 1 hour at 50C.

Then 1 more hour with clean water. I tried the board. This fixed the problem. Fluke engineers, including Dave Taylor the designer of the A, put a tremendous amount of effort into choosing the best components for the application.

The protection circuits in these meters is also very good. I also have an B. You should have at least 1.


Fluke 8025A Digital Multimeter w/ Carry-Case & Test Leads NSN 6625-01-147-6182

Код производителя: Страна: США Категории: Взрывозащищенное и силовое оборудование, Оборудование для контроля и учета газов, Геодезическое оборудование, Контрольное и измерительное оборудование, Оборудование для обслуживание холодильных систем, Инструмент Если Вы собираетесь приобрести технику для контроля работы электрической сети, температуры, качества воздуха, выполнить калибровку или протестировать медицинское оборудование, обратите внимание на продукцию компании Fluke. Это целая корпорация, которая имеет производственные мощности не только в США, но также в странах Европы и Азии. Официальные представительства имеются в сотни стран. В них работают примерно людей.

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Fluke 8020A LCD Replacement

Quote from: Excavatoree on January 16, , pm Helo Kibi, and welcome! I have two or three of the 25 model in the yellow case, and several more various versions of this meter. The first generation meters: These were the a and b. They were dark greenish brown, or maybe it is brownish green. These were only made for the US government. Tbe only difference between the two is that the a is missing the two center buttons.

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