Share The Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive books are a series of guidebooks concerning the first fourteen titles of the Final Fantasy series. The original Japanese editions are titled the Final Fantasy 25th Memorial Ultimania and released in December 18, , 25 years after the release of the original Final Fantasy , to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series. They were later published digitally on February 1, The books are primarily art books, featuring short profiles of the main characters and some commentary on the art. Much of the art has not appeared in any artbooks published prior.

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This series of role-playing video games is developed and produced by Square Enix. The guide books were released to mark the 20th anniversary of the series and were all released between January and June of They have since been published digitally. Studio BentStuff was responsible for the writing and editing of the books, while the project was supervised by Square Enix. Five years later, on the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy, another trilogy of Ultimania books was released.

The Japanese versions of the books were released on December 18th, and were collectively titled Final Fantasy 25th Memorial Ultimania.

This trilogy covers the first fourteen entries into the Final Fantasy series as opposed to its predecessor, which only covered the first twelve and focused on being more of an artbook, though it still offered plenty of information regarding each game. Each volume was released on a different date and began with volume one, which released on July 24th, English fans were delighted to discover that the Japanese and English versions of Final Fantasy Ultimania were virtually identical, with the exceptions of the Japanese text being translated.

These books also contained information that was previously unknown to the English speaking audience. French and German editions have since been released as well. Each separate volume of Ultimania is over pages. Square Enix and Studio BentStuff have released a number of companion books over the years a total of 72 so far , most of which cover a single Final Fantasy game or one of its offshoots.

Book Style The books feature small profiles of significant characters from each game, but could be largely considered to be an artbook overall. These profiles often include an illustration of a given character, their name in both English and Japanese , personal data such as gender, hometown, and dominant hand, as well as a small summary of their character.

The artwork featured in the books had not since appeared in other works. The volumes contain a tremendous amount of detailed information, like basic descriptions of characters and illustrations from various games - even for those designed for the Game Boy Advance.

The volumes provide vivid and colorful pieces of art, bringing the imagery of the games to life. The third volume covers the remaining releases. This volume shows art and information regarding the mentioned titles above and includes things like story synopsis, images taken from various games covered in the volume, character designs, and sketch work from Yoshitaka Amano , a famous artist that contributed to the series. The volume is over pages and includes some stages of the Final Fantasy series, including pieces about Moogles and its iconic Chocobos.

The volume is over pages and also includes material from the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake , which is currently set to be released in April Commentary, artwork, backstory, lore, and much more are all contained within this page hardcover volume. It covers some of the most beautiful pieces of the Final Fantasy series.

The book is an authentic translation from the original Japanese source material and gives unparalleled access for a Western audience.


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