Creatures Setting Everything outside of the cities is a smoggy, ashen hell, covered in frost and rust the further away you get. Gremlins can be found almost everywhere; usually only weak scouts or similar beings, but larger ones are more common away from the cities. Filter masks, goggles, and heavy clothing are standard, and it is generally accepted that going outside without one of the above is a death sentence. Inside the cities, it is considerably safer.

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Creatures Setting Everything outside of the cities is a smoggy, ashen hell, covered in frost and rust the further away you get. Gremlins can be found almost everywhere; usually only weak scouts or similar beings, but larger ones are more common away from the cities. Filter masks, goggles, and heavy clothing are standard, and it is generally accepted that going outside without one of the above is a death sentence.

Inside the cities, it is considerably safer. Clean air, warm temperatures. Some of the largest cities even have a small garden for use only by the highest-ranking members of the Tripartite Assembly. The plants are fairly average for a Creation-born person, but to an Autochthonian they are strange and alien relics of an ancient world.

The other Primordials look down on him, as he was their weakest sibling, mentally inferior, almost autistic, but also the one who gave them the ability to shape. The Wyld core at the pole of crystal is the source of his creative urge; without it, he would be dead.

Crystal The Elemental Pole of Crystal remains the core of the Primordial; an outwardly perfect sphere, cleaner and more beautiful than almost anything else in Autochthonia. This core sustains surprisingly few attacks; small gremlins kept nearby for too long become dormant, lulled into unconsciousness by the sleeping thoughts of the Great Maker.

Larger gremlins try to damage it upon occasion, but few attempt more than a few quick strikes before retreating. This damage is always repaired in short order, as the cracks where the crystal has been cut away is a weakness that the pollution can easily exploit; the true danger to the core.

When the gas clouds filter into these points of weakness, the surface of the sphere turns black with corruption, chipped and weathered around the edges. Reconstruction spirits can often be seen emerging from the crystal, scuttling off towards whatever damage has occurred. When they arrive, they quarry away the corrupted rock, filling in the new hole with a shimmering liquid that slowly hardens into new crystal.

Unknown to the people of Autochthonia, at the very core of the godhead lies a small sphere of whirling, chaotic energy, not unlike the Wyld that borders Creation. Metal something , Body of Autochthon unedited Outside the cities, it is freezing cold, and visibility is cut severely due to the drifting clouds of ash and smog, necessitating use of thick clothing, filter masks, and goggles.

Gremlins are everywhere; mostly small, easily-slain ones, but occasionally a nastier one makes itself known. They get worse the further you get from the cities.

No-one would even consider venturing out without an Alchemical on-board. Source of jade, usually through conduit lines see below. Conduit lines: these vary; some lines may hold plain if extremely pure iron, while other hold the coveted Magical Materials.

Almost every nation in Autocthonia has at least one city resting atop one of these; they are the best and most reliable resources available, as long as they are not over-used. The Pole is a roaring tower of gold and diamond, lit by a million continuous explosions and surrounded by clouds of smog and hovering gremlins. Volatile and unpredictable, it seems to hinder as much as it aids, but the people of Autochthonia would not survive without it.

When smog and noxious gas filters up from the Pole of Smoke, it is a dangerous hazard. Impossible to breathe and highly incendiary, even the tiniest of flames could cause it to ignite.

What happens, then, when the gas is a miles long fog, and the flame a bolt of lightning that could span a city? The Lightning Pole is wracked by these detonations, both miniscule and colossal, and without the maintenance that the Autochthonian people provide, it would soon be nothing but a shattered ruin.

The Pole is vital to Autochthonia, providing power for almost everything that the populace uses, and so they have an entire nation dedicated solely to its repair and maintenance. Even their efforts are barely adequate at times, and it always seems to be on the edge of outright failure.

Huge, massively armoured arkships patrol it; more in the appropriate nation. Source of moonsilver, bizarrely. Smoke The Corruption, something The Elemental Pole of Smoke is the bane of the Great Maker; the enormous filter system that long ago ceased to function properly, and now is the representation of all that is wrong with Autochthonia.

A living hive of corruption, seething and hating, with thousands of miles of rusting black tunnels and acidic fog, marked by lakes of acid and the dissolving corpses of fallen gremlin.

Once, the Pole functioned as it should, cleaning the spent breath of the Maker and returning it to his body. And once, there were nine nations in Autochthon, regulating the systems that kept him alive. But long ago, something entered the Pole of Smoke, and changed it. At first, no-one noticed; a few stray wisps of coloured smoke, an odd scent here and there, surely, these things were no cause for alarm.

But once the wisps became clouds, the smells became sickness, people noticed. But by then, the corruption was expanding so quickly that it could not be stopped. Cities were overwhelmed, thousands lost, and then, the nations were eight. Only the lack of easily corruptable landscape halted the spread of the disease.

Today, the Pole is kept in check by the efforts of the remaining Autochthonian nations, who fight daily to hold back the sickness and the creatures it creates. The combined force of the Silver and Golden Towers prevent the worst of it, though incursions past Pole of Crystal name are a common enough occurrence. Acid smoke, basically pure corruption. Source of soulsteel, as gremlins fight each other and dissolve in the acid, eventually solidifying into souled metal.

It is almost preferable to be blasted with a gout of smoke coming out of a vent than it is to be hit by a burst of high-pressure steam. Gremlins hate this place, and are constantly trying to break open seals and crush bulkheads. Large source of adamant, but the material is not uncommon elsewhere, plus the Estasians like keeping their Pole intact as much as possible.

PEOPLE Nations of Autochthonia Claslat unedited Claslat maintains the Pole of Lightning, simply due to the fact that they have the largest amount of people, and are thus more capable of keeping a constant watch for the titanic amounts of damage that occurs in and around the Pole.

Most of the more experienced Alchemicals from this nation have Lightning-Inured Frame installed on a permanent basis, since they rarely have the luxury of time when it comes to pole-related disasters.

The cities all have ventilation systems buried into the side of the Pole that prevent gas from building up and destroying any cities but the explosions can often get very close. The people of Claslat are loud and friendly; when you could die in a fireball at any moment, you tend to care less about petty matters. Connection system: tram system, magnet-based, since established tracks would soon be destroyed by gremlins and explosions; they fire the trams in the rough direction of the desired city, and the pilot steers it into the "catching zone.

Their Militate caste are constantly on patrol up and down the Pole, searching for even the slightest hint of gremlin activity. Most of the cities rest on large steam vents, using them for power and heat, and even weaponry in extreme cases. The largest wars in Autochthonian history have all taken place here, as massive hordes of rust-streaked gremlins descended on the cities. A sea of living corruption. The metal is cleared out to a mile from the Pole, for clear line-of-sight.

Connection system: pneumatic tram, obviously. Gulak unedited Gulak co-exists with the Pole of Crystal. Two of their main cities mark the only entrances to the Pole; perfectly circular tunnels piercing the crystal barrier.

The people here have an almost uncanny sense of balance, and are usually the creators of any new technology. Connection system: probably a flight method of some sort, or elevators along the cables. Quiet, sometimes born hairless, almost monk-like. Uncomfortable outside the Pole. Jarish unedited Jarish is sometimes seen as the unofficial leader of Autochthonian society; they certainly have a strong hold over the religious ceremonies, sending priests to every nation on a regular basis to ensure they are following the correct methods.

Connection system: pneumatic tram for city-to-village. Not sure about intercity. They hold the Ewer of Souls. Kamak unedited Kamak rests on one of the conduit lines that leads direct from the core to the Pole of Oil; not only do they have access to the vast chemical stores of said Pole, but the conduit line itself is rich in magical material.

Possesses gremlin reconstitution techniques, which is another source of their wealth. Cities inside the pole as well. Seen as sometimes unethical and possibly unholy, but a valuable ally.

Owners of the hollow ships that cruise the pole disguised as rock deposits. The rock disguises are usually mostly-empty sensor hulls, a framework connecting it to a core possibly just a single alchemical inside. Hunters rather than hunted, but are so far from the Pole of Smoke that they almost never see serious gremlin invasions, and thus are only aware of the problem as a distant thing.

Connection system: usually crawlers when moving outside the Pole, or speedy submarine vessels inside it. This nation lies around one of the larger tunnel networks leading from the Pole of Smoke towards the rest of Autochthon, an area that was once high in mineral deposits but which has now been stripped nearly clean. This network is a common path for the gremlin hordes, those vast and lethal waves of shrieking metal beasts, and Nurad would be their first victim in any invasion if the gremlins knew of their presence.

As they favor moonsilver for their cities, Nurad is very well hidden. The method of concealment varies; the city of Gath favors camouflage emitters, so that it appears as a plain metal wall, whereas the township of Kaelan is rock, having anchored itself inside a depleted mine and slowly expanded through the empty tunnels, all of the entrances to which are carefully hidden. Conversation halts, people move indoors, and the wait begins. Even in times of relative peace, the people are unusually subdued.

Though their protection is very effective, Nurad is still in dire straits. The acidic smoke from the Pole is thick outside their cities, resources are nearly exhausted, and with the gremlins tearing up more and more every time they pass through, morale is at an all-time low. And things do not appear to be getting any better; the hordes mean that establishing a new city is an extremely difficult task, as is moving any the existing cities. Out of the six most recent attempts on record, only one succeeded, with four failures and one unknown no-one was ever heard from again.

Unless something changes soon for Nurad, the nation is surely doomed. Not sure how these work yet. The first city was founded here as a defence against the original rare groups of goblins, and the defences became so entrenched that it became almost impossible to move. Despite their doomed-ness, they are an unparalleled source of information on gremlin movements, and can usually trade this for resources. Sova unedited Sova; deliberately trying to remove personality from their population, and ruthlessly clamping down on even the slightest insubordination.

Mentioning the war with Yugash is a serious offence. They thought that Ixut was invincible, so when it was destroyed they naturally started looking for a traitor in their ranks. They use a lot of soulsteel, usually traded from Kamak.


Autochthonia (AOS)

The Loop Games Do you like this video? Autochthon, the Great Maker, is a Primordial in Exalted. He embodies the ideas of order, technology and science. His physical form contains the otherworldly realm of Autochthonia , which is home to his servants and worshippers the Autochthonians as well his his Exalted agents, the Alchemicals.



The Loop Games Do you like this video? Autochthonia is the world-body of the Primordial Autochthon , who fled Creation after the Primordial War with a small population of humans. Overview Edit Also called "The Realm of Brass and Shadow," Autochthonia is a sunless wilderness of metal and machinery through which entire nations drift on unpredictable courses. Tubes, pumps and ducts coursing through the realm deliver water, nutrients and other raw materials to human communities, and in return the humans labor to maintain as much of world as possible to keep Autochthon alive. The Eight Nations of Autochthonia, clustered around its Pole of Metal, have developed similar highly rigid social structures in order to manage scarce resources, and any deviation from orthodoxy is likely to get one branded a Voidbringer and executed or exiled.

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