I Retain Instructions — The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. I Heed Warnings — All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. Page 3 I Grounding or Polarization — This product may be equipped with either a polarized 2-wire AC line plug a plug having one blade wider than the other or a 3-wire grounding type plug, a plug having a third grounding pin. The 2-wire polarized plug will fit into the power outlet only one way.

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Combined with true XGA x resolution, the P10S reproduces three-dimensional objects and subtle shades of color with unsurpassed precision. The unique infra-red receiver receives signals from a distance of up to 23 feet in any direction, enabling you to control the P10S from anywhere in the classroom.

Small objects become large enough for the entire class to see by simply turning the zoom dial. With one touch of the Auto Focus button, details of enlarged images will be crisp and clear. Moreover, with the Time Lapse feature, images can be captured and stored from intervals as little as one second up to 24 hours.

By utilizing the SD card port, a teacher can capture class work or display photos taken by a digital camera. The camera head and arm pivots and rotates to virtually unlimited positions. This flexibility helps teachers emphasize key points of instructions. Interactive Whiteboard, Computer, and Projector The P10S can be used with variety of projective environments, providing the best use of resources.

Its uniqueness differentiates from other typical document cameras. High Magnification Magnify an image X. The P10S can focus on details from 2" away. The best example is to show a leaf.

Place it under the camera, focus in on the scale marks, and enlarge the image. Use the 8X digital zoom, and the P10S delivers a total magnification of X. The tablet has a 2. This signal is powerful enough to give you control from 50 feet away! Interactive Power: The tablet gives you interactive power in your hands.

You can annotate the images, control functions and record documents. Power Cord.


Elmo - power adapter

ELMO visualisers enable you to view worksheets, maps from an atlas, 3D objects or to view objects through a microscope — everything is shown by the projector in large format. Immediately you are ready to deliver an engaging presentation. The PC-free feature allows you to deliver an interactive presentation without extra preparation time. There is no need for time-consuming photo copies. In addition to a simple preparation you save time and resources.


Elmo P10S User Manual

P30S rlmo The new high-performer The P30S enables you to pass on knowledge in in-house training and is the ultimate partner for convincing business presentations. Page 5 Quick and easy PC file transfers open up p0s new world of possibilities. The P10S — The new all-rounder The P10S visualizer will support your presentations irrespective of your line of business. This is ideal for educational institutions and training facilities in a company. Multiple images up to 16 can be displayed on a single page, enabling quick file searches and smooth operation. Accessories Power cord 1. The Elmo P10s is a digital visual presenter designed primarily for the classroom.


Elmo P10s Digital Visual Presenter - document camera Series Specs



Elmo P10S Manuals & User Guides


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