Download Audiobooks by Robert T. Kiyosaki Trump, Robert T. Kiyosaki completely free. Inside this Book — In early , I was in the Australian outback, far from civilization, on vacation with some friends, roughing it in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. It had taken me nearly a week to get to the remote campsite in Australia. One evening, my satellite phone rang.

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Whatever you think about Trump, I guarantee you can learn something from him. For some reason, the lesson from the story about King Midas has been forgotten. The story was about a king who prayed that everything he touched would turn to gold. When this power was granted to him, he soon learned that his food became inedible, and he even turned his beloved daughter into a gold statue. Only upon repenting and learning his lesson about true value and riches in life did the gods the river Pactolus wash this power from his hands and restore what he had done.

Maybe this is bigger commentary on our society as a whole? We value material riches so much that we have forgotten what real wealth in life is? In my humble opinion, money is a necessity in life, because it represents all resources on Earth. I challenge all you small business owners and entrepreneurs to work hard to build your golden business, but to also keep sight of what brings you true happiness in life.

This is why I focus so much on building a business around what you enjoy. Getting into the book, it is organized into five sections, each one representing a finger of the hand with the midas touch.

Each core value is then addressed by Mr. Kiyosaki and Mr. Trump in turn. The world of entrepreneurship is the exact opposite of the world of employees in at least one specific regard: Employees succeed by knowing all the answers and competing with other employees, while entrepreneurs succeed by asking questions, testing, failing, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs, employees, investors, and others. There are different types of people, strengths, and intelligences. This is the intelligence that allows you to control your own thoughts and feelings.

Specialization is not good if you want to be an entrepreneur. This is a lesson that I must continue to work on. Three specific groups that the Rich Dad Company continually calls out as specialists are 1 doctors, 2 accountants, and 3 attorneys. Well, my wife and I are the first two. I think the best way to apply this is to go to work for someone who is successful in the type of business you want to run. Then, you will be far more prepared to start that kind of business yourself.

Your brand must be genuine, not fake. People can spot a fake. A brand is not a logo. People buy with their hearts and justify their purchases with their minds. So have the courage to find your heart and put it into your brand. Figure out what really moves you. If you are too cheap to invest in your brand or yourself, then the Midas Touch will elude you. Do whatever it takes to improve your public-speaking skills.

The biggest takeaway I have from this chapter is a formula that I devised: Develop relationships slowly, and end them quickly. Hire slow, fire fast. Trust but verify. Maybe the authors were trying to think of a fifth area. Maybe they were trying to figure out how to associate something to another finger.

In any event, there were multiple takeaways from this chapter, but I will focus on just one, which comes back to the difference between the S and B quadrants, which I feel was one of the main focuses of this entire book. See the image below. On the other side of the quadrant lie the rich. Start your own business, learn to sell, get customers, and develop all the stuff that Midas Touch talks about.

The simplest way to do this is to think of all the things you do in your S business as systems. How can you turn your functions into systems that you can hand over to someone else?

Only once you separate yourself from your business can you have the Midas Touch. But my biggest takeaway from this book is that, if you want to grow your business, you must separate yourself from it. But I hope this book learning episode gives some good insights and helps you in some way! Interact to drive these points home and get discussion going: Which was your favorite finger of the Midas Touch?

What quadrant are you in? How long have you been there? What quadrant do you WANT to be in? What do you need to do to get there? Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time! He teaches people how to leap from employee to entrepreneur: 1 Learn how to make money on day 1 through affiliate sales, and 2 Learn how to build an online business in an area you love to generate automated income until the end of your days.

His passion is leveraging his experience to help people get away from the toxic corporate environment and live a life of more impact, freedom, and fun. Recent Posts.


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