The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. God has given us His power to demolish strongholds. Paul did a good job explaining it to us. Whether the stronghold is a superstitious belief, an addiction, wrong thoughts, and despair over a loss, etc.

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Prophecy … Received 9. Whom shall I send? Whom shall I credit My Righteousness to? You believe in God, good! Even the demons believe and tremble!

Do you tremble at My Word, My Commands? How seriously is your walk before Me O man those who claim to follow Me? I see clowns, I see entertainment, I see laughter. Can you draw people unto Me with smiles, good words, and entertainment?

Am I not a consuming fire? Is not the ground I walk upon holy? Slain in the spirit? Which way? I say, prostrate yourselves before Me on your face. Or shall you perform as in a circus laughing, joking, laying on your back? Do you not know that you are living under My Judgment, My wrath? Woe ….. How serious is your serious?

Many of you are fighting against strongholds but you are in direct disobedience to Me. I tell you the truth I am raising up a People who are totally obedient to Me in every way. I am making them perfect just as My Heavenly Father is perfect. Have I not said that My Father requires fruit, yes, the bearing of much fruit, fruit that will last?

I tell thee the truth now is the time that I am to cut off many branches, for you are under a curse, you stand proud in your own accomplishments, you stand in vainglory and in disobedience. Many shout out My Word but they believe it not! They do not believe in Me! They do not even walk in the Truth!

I am the Truth! How can you walk in the Truth when you do not know Me? I am Jesus, I am holy! There is no crooked word that comes out of My mouth. Fire is here! My Holy fire is here! I shall cut down all of your pretension, demolish all hypocrisy before those you admire and esteem greater than Me. Repent My Children! Repent My People! Whom shall go for Me? Who of you wants to walk in My path of holiness?

Who wants to stand on Holy Ground? I tell thee the truth, the games have ended and your laughter shall be torn unto lamentations over night. O My people, whom I have called, wake up! This is no laughing matter, stop clowning around. Which agenda do you follow? Who is your watchmaker? Who holds your time away from Me? If man wakes you up you shall have no part of Me.

Follow in My ways, follow only Me. Tremble O My people, prostrate yourselves before Me. Who is wise unto the true knowledge of God? I am pulling down this day every pretension, every imagination that is unholy. O House of God! My wrath is here! Wake up! Weep, Wail and Mourn! Today, this Day I am pulling down many strongholds, strongholds of thieves, strongholds of lust, strongholds of fornication, strongholds and every imagaination set against Me, for I am the Truth and the Life.

I am come to this Day, to destroy, root out and spit out. Today is the day of salvation. Will you obey all that I command of you? I command even My angels and they go without hesitation, without wavering. I am testing many hearts and though I am full of compassion and grace this is within My perimeter of obedience. For the wrath of God is revealed. Do you understand what I am saying My Children?

The time is so very short. Do you think I say this haphazardly for the sake of saying it? Satan is as an Octopus over your church buildings and his many tentacles are deeply entrenched into your lives, that can only be removed by My power alone.

The Python has sorely deceived you and has a foothold firmly upon you because of your disobedience. I require total obedience and your dead works are of the flesh for you are the dogs, the wolves who mutilate My people.

Those who manipulate many of My people with many words, as though of Me, will have to account for every careless word spoken. I am the LORD. I examine the hearts of every man, every woman who reside in the House of God. Those who are true to Me come not to meet the approval of men, yet still, I am refining My Children even now. My Father cuts off every branch in you that bears no fruit, so that more fruit can be borne. I require obedience not sacrifice. Today hems are torn, the kingdom of unrighteousness is torn… torn…torn… Weep not for those I am rejecting, weep not for those whom I have called, yet have gone in the way of Cain.

These are men pleasers, for show but they are as clowns to Me. My Children, those who belong to Me, live by faith alone, hidden but My Father shall reward them openly. Here Me! Hearken to Me, My True Children! O My Children, lashed by tempest and storm. O My Children though you have been hated with no one travelling through. See this Day those beloved of My Father. I am your very great reward I am with you! I shall honour those who honour Me and they that honour Me shall be honoured by My Father!

I command you this day to continue to love one another as I have loved you and in this all strongholds of pretension, hypocrisy, vanities, vanities of self, vanities for the approval of men shall be demolished.

They are called and put through the fires, the holy fires that surround My Throne from the coals underneath the wheels of the Cherubim. Coals of fire … coals of fire … My Sword …. My Sword! I am the One who is the double-edged Sword. Satan is in your home, he is in your church, he is resident because you have allowed him in. He has laid every snare before you because you are in direct disobedience to My Word and I am against you! You have embraced the world and the riches thereof!

You refuse to let this go! Did I not command that you get rid of all your idols? Repent I say this day! For I have come to fight you with you with the Sword out of My Mouth! Repent for the time is here! My wrath, My judgment has come unto the House of God.

Yes, I, the LORD this Day am pulling, uprooting, demolishing and dismantling many strongholds and before your very eyes. I shall destroy homes, towns, cities until they are as rubble, until only a tenth remains. Yes, I, the LORD, shall tear down many strongholds but to My faithful obedient servants, those who are My friends, those who honour My Father with everything I am to elevate you to walk even closer with Me in these end times.


Demolishing Strongholds

From kathaireo; demolition; figuratively, extinction. To the pulling down of strong holds. He speaks as if leading an attack on the strong defences of the powers of evil, possibly thinking of the great system of idolatry and impurity enthroned at Corinth and throughout the Empire, possibly of those of pride and obstinate rebellion in the hearts of his individual opponents. The context favours the latter interpretation. It has been suggested Stanley, in loc.


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Demolishing Strongholds


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