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The 5-inch touchscreen looks great, and the audio is excellent and offers flexible options, but the design inside and out is decidedly technophilic. The 5-inch LCD touchscreen is set into a black and dark navy anodized aluminum brick that measures 5. While clearly designed for fingers, the icons should have been made much bigger, and the rest of the menus could use a lesson in finger-friendliness.

A pop-up virtual keyboard lets you input text for things like network keys, web browsing, and search. The apps are all fairly easy to use, and you can have several open at once, though the screen can get cluttered with all the file information presented, especially in the music player where you get way more info than most users need. We love the full-featured wireless remote, which is actually more useful for most basic functions than the screen itself.

Image Courtesy of Cowon Wireless performance Setting up the Q5W for wireless browsing should be a no brainer for an experienced gadget geek, but alas we had to put in a call to tech support.

Overall browsing speed is about what we expect for a mobile device — nytimes. Cowon also has an app that works quite well for managing and transferring content; its video conversion utility is especially useful and reliable.

The included earbuds are nothing special, but when we plugged in our Etymotic ER4P headphones, we found the sound quality very pleasing. In general, Cowon provides very good file format support for audio and video. Image Courtesy of Cowon Battery life 13 hours for audio playback is simply not impressive, though we were able to squeeze more out by keeping things like screen brightness down or off , turning off any sound enhancements, and disabling WiFi and Bluetooth. Extras The FM radio reception is simply awful; we could hear lots of noise in the background, even with stronger stations, and fringe stations were left out entirely.

Photos look extremely sharp with good color on the built-in LCD. You get a lot of control, including panning and zooming, rotating, and slide shows, plus you can view EXIF data. Combined with the USB Host feature, these items make the Q5W a solid choice for shutterbugs who want to offload and show off their shots. Conclusion The bottom line is that the Cowon Q5W is more expensive and more complicated than it ought to be.

The AV quality is certainly worthy of the Cowon name, but the chunky body, high price, and mediocre interface and Web experience, make us more inclined to choose the slimmer and cheaper Archos WiFi.


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