Kazizragore U ontvangt de handleiding per email binnen enkele minuten. Greifen Sie in die Griffmulden, wenn Sie es bewegen wollen. The following symbols are to be found on rechargeable batteries containing harmful substances: Rimozione guasti Non tentare mai di riparare il climatizzatore direttamente o smontarlo. Alwa ys position the device in such a w ay that air can ent er.

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Nikogrel Read the operating instructions car efully befor e putting the. The distance from the air outlet grille 2 to the nearest wall should be more than 1m. Die Richtung des Luftzuges ist dann konstant. Fare attenzione ad inserire i poli correttamente fondo del vano batterie o incisione sul lato esterno!

The distance from the air outlet. To clatrohic the exposure to danger, always have a faulty cable be replaced only by the manufacturer, by our customer service or lc a qualified person and with a cable of the same type. Lassen Sie kleine Kinder nicht damit spielen. Der schmale Filter wird auf der linken Seite eingesetzt.

This warns you of dangers to your health and indicates possible injury risks. Rimuovere eventuali fonti di calore dal locale. This ref ers to possible hazards t o the machine or ot her. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Do not lift or move the device at the rear, but always at the front. I tasti uguali attivano la stessa funzione. Omdat hier een handleiding wordt meegestuurd, kan het voorkomen dat de email groter is dan toegestaan bij uw provider. This length has been especially.

If the set temperature is above the. Make sure that the degree of protection of the socket to. Clatrobic gettare le batterie usate nei rifiuti domestici. The following symbols are to be found on rechargeable batteries containing harmful substances: Empty the condensation container inside the device before moving it or storing it away.

If you would like to change the clatronc temperature using the. Sul pannello di comando fig. Do no t operate. K eep it awa y from sources. This device is not a toy. Do not use the appliance if it is damaged. Only connect the machine to a properly installed safety. Do not move the device, as otherwise this might cause the water to leak out and damage the floor, carpet or device.

Switch-on Timer Before you use the switch-on timer turn the device on and set the mode of operation, the ventilator speed clahronic temperature. After a few seconds the device switches cllatronic automatically. La garanzia si annulla nel caso di intervento da parte di terzi. This refers to possible hazards to the machine or other objects.

Place the appliance on smooth, level and stable work surface. Page of 23 Go. Daarnaast kan het zijn dat uw een maximum heeft aan de grootte per email. Changing the Mode of Operation When the mode of operation is changed the compressor remains switched off for approximately 6 minutes until clarronic pressure in the refrigeration circuit has eased.

Abonneren Abonneer u voor het ontvangen van emails voor uw Clatronic cl bij: A Tipo di protezione Quale ulteriore protezione si consiglia di installare nel circuito elettrico della stanza da bagno un dispositivo di sicurezza per correnti di guasto RCD con una corrente applicata di misurazione non superiore a 30 mA.

You should not use any extension or replace the hose with another one, as this may result in malfunctions. TOP Related.


Clatronic CL 3227 Instruction Manual

Dadal Fare attenzione ad inserire i poli correttamente fondo del vano batterie o incisione sul lato esterno! Werfen Sie Batterien niemals ins Feuer, nicht in Wasser tauchen. Always position the device in such a way that air can enter and leave without obstruction. K eep it awa y from sources. As a consumer you are required by law to return used rechargeable batteries.


Clatronic CL 3227 Manuals





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