To this day, the success of a new stage work crucially depends upon whether the individual scenes, ensembles or songs stick so strongly in the mind as catchy tunes that they become earworms. So it is no wonder that Pablo de Sarasate prominently put it as No. In his opera fantasies Sarasate usually worked according to the theme-and-variations model. Sarasate, Carmen Fantasy, first edition , part I, measures 1—6. After the change from d minor to D major as of measure 20 , Sarasate varied the theme by embedding the chromatically descending melody in double and triple stops. Sarasate, Carmen Fantasy, first edition , part I, measures 18—

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The boy proved a sensation at the court of Queen Isabel II. When Sarasate was 12, he and his mother set out for Paris on a journey meant to advance his skills on the violin.

But the mother expired of a heart attack on the train en route, and Sarasate himself was diagnosed with cholera. Upon recovery, Sarasate was sent on to Paris; finally he auditioned successfully for Jean-Delphin Alard, violin instructor at the Paris Conservatoire.

Thus was launched one of the most exciting and enduring violin careers of the nineteenth century. Beginning in , Sarasate embarked on a world tour that ran, more or less continuously, for three decades. His first appearance in Britain was received with indifference, but a return visit in yielded better results, and composer Alexander Mackenzie composed a violin concerto for Sarasate that was heard at the Birmingham Festival of The Zigeunerweisen, Op.

Sarasate was not a mainstream Romantic virtuoso in the mold of Joseph Joachim and did not play the Brahms concerto; he played with a lighter touch, and preferred lighter fare. Sarasate made nine phonograph records in , when he was It is easy to hear from them what made Sarasate such an exciting performer; four decades as a touring concert artist had dimmed his powers very little.

At his death from bronchitis in at age 64, Sarasate was in possession of two Stradivarius violins; one was bequeathed to the Paris Conservatoire, and the other the Conservatory of Madrid.


“Carmen Fantasy” by Sarasate

While at Warner Brothers —he composed the music for a variety of films; Objective, Burma! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Marina Piccinini premiered the flue edition, DaXun Zhang the edition for double bass and Matt Haimovitz recently performed the work for cello. The composer revised the score between August 13 and October 18, Waxman hardly could have brought himself to rearranging what was already a hybrid composition at least once removed from the original. Compositions by Franz Waxman compositions Compositions for violin and orchestra Fantasias music Musical tributes and homages Carmen Classical composition stubs. He recorded it with Donald Voorhees on November 11, and the recording has never been out-of-print.


Is that still Urtext? On an often played variant in Sarasate’s “Carmen Fantasy”


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