This "Angel of Death" has a name--Boogiepop. And the legends are true. Boogiepop is real. The premise revolves around the character Boogiepop.

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Sadly, I have no such thing. But the boys and girls in this story all have their own desires. They fret; unable to reach them, or launch themselves headlong towards that goal. Some remain uncertain what it is they truly want, others chase a desire they can never really hope to achieve, or unwittingly give others courage with their unconscious optimism. This story is told in pieces. Who am I? My name is Boogiepop.

Winner of the Game Novel Grand Prize. Kouhei Kadono brings you five unusual stories of one uncanny event. My name is Boogiepop… There is an urban legend that children tell about a shinigami that can release people from the pain they are suffering. And the legends are true. Boogiepop is real. When a rash of disappearances involving female students breaks out at Shinyo Academy, the police and faculty assume they just have a bunch of runaways on their hands.

Yet Nagi Kirima knows better. Something mysterious and foul is afoot. Is it Boogiepop or something even more sinister…? While being attacked, he feels happiness for some reason.

Kei Niitoki introduces herself to the reader, and explains how none of the people involved in the following event ever managed to grasp the full picture of what happened. Waiting in the station for his girlfriend Touka Miyashita , who is late for their date, Keiji Takeda runs into Masami Saotome and a few of his friends, who are going on a double date.

Then, he sees Echoes , stumbling forward on the street with his tattered clothes and crying pitifully, as all the other passersby ignore him. However, only one person, dressed in a black cloak, approached the crying man. Two policemen came to inspect the suspicious scene, and tried to question Boogiepop. The shinigami, however, skillfully avoided the policemen, and escaped, while Echoes disappeared during the confusion.

Keiji dodges the question, and then the two meet Kei Niitoki at the school gate. After a short conversation, Keiji and Naoko move on, and the boy tells his schoolmate about what he saw the previous day. Later, during the disciplinary committee meeting, Keiji hears Touka being called over to her classroom over the PA system, and unintentionally jerks in his seat, causing the teacher to notice him.

After leaving the meeting, under the excuse of feeling dizzy, along with Niitoki, who said that she would escort him to the infirmary, the two have a confrontation, in which Niitoki admits that she likes him, before sprinting out of the infirmary.

However, he sees a black silhouette on the rooftop of the school. Recognizing it, he runs towards the roof, where he finally meets Boogiepop, who explains his circumstances to Keiji. After passing the phone over to her daughter, Keiji asks if the girl had gone anywhere on the day when they were supposed to meet up.

When Keiji asked what this threat was, Boogiepop first made him promise to never tell anyone, and then divulged that the threat this time is a man-eater. After ending the call with Touka, Keiji tried to comprehend what Boogiepop had told him, as well as the possibility of his girlfriend being mentally ill. On the way home from school, he had bought a book written by Seiichi Kirima on the topic of multiple personalities, and learned that the illness is almost unheard of in Japan.

Boogiepop rejected the idea, telling the boy that he is an automatic device which saves mankind from whatever threats may endanger it. The two continue conversing. After that, it becomes a routine for the two to meet up on the rooftop and talk about various things.

During the course of their many chats, Boogiepop tells Keiji of his past and his first appearance, during an incident with a serial killer. One day, Naoko Kamikishiro stops coming to school. Keiji is uneasy about her disappearance, but ultimately does not know anything about the situation.

When he goes up to the roof, he finds it empty. The next day, he finds Boogiepop on the roof, without wearing his costume. When Keiji asks why, Boogiepop tells him that there is no need to wear the costume, because this would be the last time he would appear, as the danger is gone. Keiji is distressed, and desperately asks him to stay, admitting that the shinigami is his only friend.

Boogiepop, however, responds that Keiji and Touka have their own jobs to do, before vanishing without a trace. After hurrying down the stairs, he finds Touka waiting for him, smiling. Keiji offers to walk Touka to the station, and the two leave the school.

Then, it begins licking the girl all over her body, with each spot it touches changing color. Afterwards, the corpse begins dissolving into a strange smoke, which the Manticore then breathes in, eating all that remained of the girl.

After any traces disappeared, the Manticore licked its lips and laughed. Kyouko then asks Kazuko what kind of person would be most likely to commit murder from their class, a query the other girls take great interest in. As Kazuko gives a boiled-down psychological analysis on somebody who would likely commit murder, the girls all immediately associate it with Nagi Kirima, a notorious girl at their school, who was currently skipping that day.

After the girls laugh a little too loudly, Minako Yurihara, the best student in the class, a loner with no friends, turns to glare at them. Afterwards, somebody brings up the rumor of Boogiepop, and Kazuko, unfamiliar with the urban legend, asks about it, and they fill her in. Upon learning, Kazuko internally scoffs at the legend, thinking it to be absurd and stupid. Once Akio Kimura , the class lady killer, walks in, the girls immediately end their conversation, Kazuko concluding that this urban legend is being kept secret from boys.

No longer paying attention to their conversation, Kazuko explains the origins of her criminal psychology obsession, which came about as a result of her almost being killed by a serial killer five years ago. As Kazuko, who complains in her mind about being forced to take a Modern Japanese class, and a classmate of hers walk toward their classroom, they hear an announcement calling for Touka Miyashita over the speakers, with the other girl theorizing that she faked illness to go on a date with her senior boyfriend.

As they make their way home, Kyouko Kinoshita asks Kazuko what murderers think. Kazuko asks Kyouko why she was so interested in such things recently, and Kyouko explains that she suspects Nagi Kirima may be a killer, mentioning an earlier incident where the delinquent girl gets herself suspended for smoking.

Kyouko then explains that Nagi did something to a girl she knew, and theorizes that she may have gotten herself suspended on purpose to do it. Kazuko remembers how Nagi seemed to have deliberately gotten herself caught, as well as other instances of her unusual behavior, sometimes skipping entire days of school, but leaving the teachers no chance to take any action against her, as she always came back with all of the material completely memorized. Then, all of a sudden, Kyouko lets out a shriek, seeing the girl they were just talking about, Nagi, appear in front of her, wearing a leather suit.

As Kazuko approaches, concerned, Nagi tells Kyouko to never attempt something stupid just because her friends tell her to, before turning to leave. However, when Kazuko stops her, Nagi tells her to move on from the murders from five years ago, leaving Kazuko confounded as to where she could have gotten that information from.

After swearing to keep it a secret, Kyouko finally tells Kazuko about her past, explaining that, three months ago, a girl who Kyouko was in junior high with, named Akiko Kusatsu, approached her group of friends with a strange blue drug, which the girls started using, as Akiko offered it free of charge. Soon after, however, many of her friends started vanishing with no trace left behind, with Akiko herself disappearing soon after. Then, one of the girls in her group of friends announced that she would no longer have anything to do with the drug, after Nagi Kirima threatened her.

After that, she would go after each girl in order, with Kyouko being last. After stating that she would never take drugs again, Kyouko began crying, desperately asking Kazuko to not tell anyone. Kazuko did her best to calm her down, then took the girl home.

Upon making up her mind, she rang the doorbell, and asked for Nagi. Then, he explains his circumstances to her, how he arrived in Japan only six months ago, and how his parents are still abroad. Soon after, Nagi comes home and invites Kazuko to her room, a room lacking any decoration, filled instead by books and a desk covered by computer screens. When she mentions that her father is the esteemed writer Seiichi Kirima, Kazuko freaks out, being one of his biggest fans.

Afterwards, Kazuko asks the question on her mind the entire time: why she saved Kyouko and all of her friends. He then passed out and never woke up again. Nagi states that, after that day, she gave up on living normally, and admits to having a messiah complex. Kazuko recognizes the illegality of such an endeavor, but Nagi states that somebody has to help the students, even though it may be through dirty means.

Then, Nagi hands over a phone to Kazuko, and tells her to call her home, informing them that she would bring a friend home for dinner. The next day, Nagi comes to school, not interacting at all with Kyouko or Kazuko, only sleeping on her desk for the entire day. Kazuko wants to talk to Nagi more about last night, but has no chance to.

Kazuko ended up inviting Nagi for dinner at her house, because Nagi expected them to be worried about their daughter being out so late otherwise. Kazuko then confronts Nagi, asking her how she even knows about that event. Kazuko concludes that she must have been the one to save her from the serial killer. When Nagi moaned slightly in her sleep, the teacher became enraged and made her answer the poorly written and slightly obscured formula on the blackboard.

Nagi, after squinting for a moment, instantly solves the formula before going back to sleep, embarrassing the teacher and making the class giggle. As he confirms his determination to eliminate the Manticore in his mind, a girl, Naoko Kamikishiro, sees and approaches him, worried for his well being. She decided to guide him to the school, wanting to give him a place to live. Then, she called Nagi, asking her for help. He accepts the proposal. Later, the group meets at the station, running into Keiji Takeda, who is waiting for his girlfriend, Touka, who was seemingly running late.

Then, the group goes to a karaoke place, suggested by Akiko. Saotome accepts the rejection without feeling hurt at all, but rather, relieved. After leaving the karaoke place, Sakamoto offers to take Noguchi home, leaving Masami to escort Akiko, who begins to feel sick all of a sudden.

Once the two are gone, and Akiko gradually gets weaker and weaker, Masami drags her into an abandoned parking garage. Once arriving on the seventh floor, he places her who had already stopped breathing by then , on the ground, and moments later, a creature jumps all the way to the top.

Convinced, the Manticore kisses the body, forcing a gaseous essence inside her. As Masami watches with sick pleasure, the Manticore continues the kiss for 30 seconds, then pulls back, its lips now red. Then, the corpse becomes revitalized, with a blue liquid pouring out of its orifices.


Boogiepop and Others

This refers to the character Boogiepop, who is usually described with a deadpan expression, and is never seen to laugh or smile. Plot summary[ edit ] When waiting for his girlfriend, Touka Miyashita, to arrive, Keiji Takeda sees a ragged looking man stumbling through the town. A short man in a black cloak speaks with the other man after he collapses, then berates the crowd for not helping. When the police arrive, the two escape, but what shocked Takeda most of all was that the cloaked man has the face of his girlfriend. The following day, Miyashita acts as if nothing had happened the previous day.







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