It can accept stereo analog or digital inputs and split the signal for tweeter, mid and woofer or other configurations , sending the signals to 6 analog outputs. Parametric EQ and adjustable time delays are also possible, allowing correction of the speakers and room. The adjustable crossover slopes allow more flexibility than typical analog crossovers. A Problem: The features of DCX mentioned above are superb, however there is an achilles heel; the analog inputs and outputs have relatively high distortion compared to the best alternatives.

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Features are ok, it has no provision for accepting unbalanced signal. Very easy to use, it would be nice to be able to store different configurations, but that would be a cost increase. The quality is great and I did open it up to see just how accurately Behringer implemented the AKM chips and was pleasantly surprised.

Originally posted on FutureProducers. Very easy to install: branch and you ca walk away. I use it for 1 year. Bcp is less ugly than a true picture. In fact it is even quite nice.

The SRC bcp is better than all those. The sound is very prcis, lens. Do not expect to find convertos as good in less than machines. This stuff is essential to any home studio that wants, for cheap, a real big sound of quality!

Moreover, the SRC is recommended by audiophiles. Complete level connectivity, reliable, extremely simple to use, low latency, and my time prsentation good for the price. It is not even said that DIY is cheaper ca lol!

In short it is a good buy for this use! See site builder. The manual could be clearer I think it dnature not much sound and remains fairly Fidler. Did you find this review helpful? AKM converters headphone jack faade: practice routing and conversion solutions c top I hsit not bad for take out with a pramp numrique but ultimately I do not regret because it will serve me for any pramp plutart So now I run 10 simultaneous input on my card!

I found this great tudi equipment and despite the brand Behringer is not always approve, I find the right! I would do without this choice problem because it is the conversion solution numrique. Nothing to say, is part of the toolbox of home studio. I have compared to a Converter Goldmund I own and whose price is 30 times higher! And of the Behringer has not to be ashamed!


Audio Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 user's manuals in pdf



Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 User Manual


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