Er bevinden zich daar binnen geen bruikbare onderdelen: voor onderhoud wendt u zich tot het daarvoor bevoegde personeel. Dit symbool, dient ter waarschuwing voor de aan-wezigheid van onafgedekte hoge Voltage dat voldoende kan zijn om een kans op schokken te vormen. Dit symbool, dient ter waarschuwing voor belangrijke bedienings- en ondenhoudsinstructies in de bijbehorende literatuur. Met deze schakelaars worden de polariteiten aan de Low-uitgangen omgedraaid.

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Did you find this review helpful? We go in there for a Berhinger swFX table for the master out to an active subwoofer for low thebox TA18 and PA15 to 2 thebox powered by an amp Berhinger NU for the remaining frequencies. At least I would say the location of the switches on the back. In a sense they are well placed because it provides functions that did not have to be affected, but they are too easy to operate which can be problematic if they were operating or just to see the problem.

Readability between mono or stereo operation, good ca also, it was settled once and for all and after you touch more. Yes certainly Did you find this review helpful? The result is remarkable compared to many systems in HIFI.

Input signal of the filter output sub "mono" downstream prices of the other two low-pass filters. Nothing to report, more than 3 years of use for one and five years for the other. What is a crossover! Therefore a good choice to make, except for tenants to the general public, because all buttons are accessible to clients in this type of use.

The buttons are locked and the box in good order. All inputs and outputs are balanced XLR. Adjustments are made simply, we quickly understand the operation. Yes, to begin, it works really well, I highly recommend. I hit the filter and my Crown did not go out any more. In conclusion, it can be used to put under furniture is wobbly or to look pretty on a wall.


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Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Behrihger Subwoofer Output is presented in mono, since people perceive extremely-low bass frequencies as being omnidirectional. That is why high-quality sound systems use multiple speakers woofers and tweeters to share the work. Not Available for Immediate Pickup. Additionally, the CX provides an independently adjustable subwoofer output, effectively providing an extra low-frequency band, which is adjustable from 10 Hz to Hz. Low-frequency sounds tend to push a transducer to the maximum, making it impossible for that same cx to reproduce the treble content with the sound quality it deserves.


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