Giornalista e Copywriter. Fa le facce e soprattutto molte domande. Pensando alla sua di storia, Bassani non avrebbe forse potuto fare altrimenti. Gli ultimi anni di Clelia Trotti.

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Start your review of Cinque storie ferraresi: dentro le mura Write a review Shelves: translated-from-italian , short-story-novella , bassani , visited-location-while-reading September I spent a few days recently in the walled town of Ferrara in northern Italy where the stories in this collection are set.

On the first day, I visited the Estense Castle which dominates the centre of the town. So I asked one of the staff in the Castle where Corso Roma was.

I said something about Giorgio Bassani mentioning Corso Roma and she almost snorted. He is an enigma. Why is every aspect of his personal life gone into in so much detail? How does the narrator even know those details, I wondered?

But I was drawn into the story in spite of the ambiguous nature of the telling. Or perhaps it was because of the ambiguous nature of the telling. In any case, by half way through, I really wanted to know the truth about the assassination on the Corso Roma. Next day I walked past the clock tower of the Castle again and noticed the pharmacy right opposite. So this was where the narrator said the assassination had happened. I looked around with more attention and saw the small plaque on the wall.

The plaque tells of eleven people who were assassinated on that spot on the night of November 15th, The street had been renamed in their honor. I stood beside the plaque and looked across at the upper window of the pharmacy, wondering about truth and fiction, about remembering and forgetting.

But is it as easy as that? He refers to the stories in Within the Walls frequently. But I liked the idea of the snow, I was fascinated by the contrast between the bloodied bodies of the victims and the snow The assasination actually took place on the 15th of November. Further on, Bassani says that Pino Barrilari, the pharmacist who may have witnessed the shooting from his bedroom window, was an entirely fictional creation. But Bassani justifies his choice by saying it was the only way to make the moral point at the heart of the story.

In the interviews, Bassani refers back to this story a lot — it seems particularly significant for him. He himself spent several months in prison in for anti-fascist activity , and it was directly from prison that several of the victims of the shooting on Corso Roma had been taken on that October night.

The rest had been taken from their homes. The Ferrarese Jews who finished up in the Nazi gas chambers had been for the most part fascists.


Cinque storie ferraresi: dentro le mura

Biography[ edit ] Bassani was born in Bologna into a prosperous Jewish family of Ferrara , where he spent his childhood with his mother Dora, father Enrico a doctor , brother Paolo, and sister Jenny. In he completed his studies at his secondary school, the liceo classico L. Ariosto in Ferrara. Music had been his first great passion and he considered a career as a pianist; however literature soon became the focus of his artistic interests. In he enrolled in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bologna.


Giorgio Bassani


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