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Will enrolling for an IT course help me get a job? Answer: It is a global phenomenon that a gap exists between the demand and availability of IT professionals. It is true of Nigeria as well. A lot of new demand is being fueled by the huge investment in telecommunications, bank mergers and consolidation in insurance companies. Using information technology and its tools, whether through a personal computer or some other type of electronic equipment, is equivalent to driving a car.

Given the above positive scenario, this is an excellent time to become an IT professional. Why should I do the course through Aptech? The curriculum undergoes a detailed technology review every year and is constantly updated to stay contemporary. Alongside the building of conceptual knowledge, there is a significant emphasis on hands-on training in application areas. Secondly, as a training institution, we have till date imparted training to over 6 million individuals globally, an enviable benchmark.

Our national foot print in Nigeria extends to 12 centers spread across the country and aims to increase in the next year. This means that your certificate is widely recognized across the industry.

Thirdly, only students at Aptech can opt to transfer their academic credits from Aptech to leading universities in the UK and elsewhere, enabling them to complete their graduation. Our students are also widely accepted within the industry, with several of our alumni now working in leading multinationals across the globe.

Can I earn a degree at Aptech? Answer: Aptech has been working closely with education institutions in different countries right from inception.

Honors Degree in any computing field. Can I qualify for International Certifications through Aptech? Answer: Yes, many of the courses are mapped to international certification from Microsoft, Oracle and Sun , amongst others. Is International Vendor Certification enough for me? Answer: Acquiring vendor certification indicates that you have the knowledge required to perform at a specified level as an IT professional. There are a range of certifications open to IT professionals and some are more in demand than others.

However, the need to acquire sound conceptual knowledge cannot be overstated. It is necessary for students aspiring to become IT professionals to first acquire a broad exposure to different technologies and skills, before focusing on specific certification skills.

This approach also allows you to identify your own aptitude and interest areas, prior to committing yourself to the certification process. Certifications should therefore be viewed as one component of a broader career plan. How does Aptech ensure quality in its training delivery? Answer: All faculties at an Aptech center must be internationally certified in their area of expertise — under our Train-the-Trainer Program — and undergo regular evaluation and upgradation of skills.

Center operations are fully computerized, using a proprietary internet-enabled Center Automation System compliant with the requirements of ISO for Education Support Services. This enables Aptech to monitor the compliance of individual centers to our quality norms. Are the courses expensive? Can I pay in installments? Answer: Aptech training programs offer excellent value for money, by providing contemporary training programs at a reasonable price in an ambient learning environment.

The course fee in Nigeria is competitively priced and has been worked out keeping in mind local inputs. Course prices are inclusive of the cost of student text books, tuition, lab charges as well as examination and Aptech certification dues. The infrastructure at the centers is constantly upgraded and all centers are equipped with air conditioning and full power back up.

Installment payment options are available for all programs, making Aptech the affordable choice in computer education. Do I need to be computer literate to study at Aptech? Answer: No. All courses are designed around a laddered course structure, to cover introductory topics and provide basic training in fundamentals of computers. Students do not require any prior computer knowledge. In fact, many of the students who enroll for courses have never even used a computer! Some professional courses may however require you to undertake additional introductory courses before commencement.

What is Java and J2EE? Answer: The Java platform is a fundamentally new way of computing, based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets, and other devices.

With Java technology, you can use the same application from any kind of machine -- a PC, a Macintosh computer, a network computer, or even new technologies like Internet screen phones. J2EE is a platform-independent programming environment designed for developing and deploying Web-based applications for enterprise-wide use.

What is Dot Net? Answer: Microsoft. Most have in common a dependence on the Microsoft. NET Framework, a component of the Windows operating system. Additional information on. NET is available on the Microsoft web site. Answer: Linux is a version of UNIX, an operating system, that has become very popular over the last few years. Unlike The Microsoft Windows, the Linux operating system is free to use and distribute.

Open source software is computer software which source code is available under a license or arrangement such as the public domain that permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form.

Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; its underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone. Which technologies does ACCP teach? Answer: JAVA and. Net are different programming approaches promoted by Sun and Microsoft, while Linux is an operating system developed under the Open Source initiative. The ACCP curriculum from Aptech incorporates extensive training in all three technologies, in addition to many modules aimed at building conceptual knowledge.

Additionally, students are also exposed to vital quality assurance and testing methodologies, resulting in a well-rounded career program. By keeping the course content contemporary through regular updates, ACCP ensures that students are exposed to the very latest and most relevant software technologies.

Do we get to do a project? Answer: Learning through projects is an intrinsic part of the Aptech teaching methodology. Our career program is embedded with projects at regular intervals that allow you to implement what you have learnt in the classroom and lab sessions. Projects work is also assigned weightage in the overall evaluation system.

To transform the way you learn and implement concepts using diverse application tools, you can also undertake eProjects directly under the mentoring of faculty from the Aptech Head Office.


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