The FAN control should be set as high as reasonably possible without creating an undesirable noise level. This will be determined by personal preference and the distance you wish the cleansing properties to be dispersed. A severely polluted environment can foul an Ecotech purification plate in as little as two weeks or as long as a year. Shown here are basic maintenance procedures that should be carried out to keep your unit running at top performance. To replace or check the fuse, unscrew the fuse holder cap by turning it counterclockwise then remove the cap and fuse.

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We have created a comprehensive inventory of in-house and commercial air purification systems for helping clients build a healthy living environment.

Our high-performance purifiers with efficient filters will eliminate dust particles of all sizes, unpleasant pet odors, traces of cigarette smoke, and disease-causing germs from the air present inside your room. By installing our living fresh air purifiers, you can prevent spreading of contagious diseases and allergies to a great extent. Our products We have classified our products into the following categories for the convenience of clients.

Depending upon your air purification needs, you can choose the right technology. Residential air purifiers We understand the consequences of breathing impure air every day, which is why we offer a wide range of products for residential purposes.

Our collection of residential air purifiers have high performance standards and are suitable for all environments. We keep updating our collection as per the advancing filtration technologies. Our systems operate on low noise levels and have a high clean air delivery rate. Commercial air purifiers Most of our commercial air purifier systems have whisper-quiet nature and excel at removing volatile organic compounds from enclosed spaces.

We recommend our clients to match the cubic feet per minute CFM cleaning capacity of the purifier to the requirements of the prospective space. Additional air purifier accessories Apart from supplying Alpine living air purifiers, we also provide a number of accessories for helping our clients keep their air purification systems up and running. We take pleasure in resolving system efficiency and maintenance related issues of our clients.

All you need to do is discuss your requirements and share your purifier information with us, and we will take care of the rest. What makes us different?

Focus on customer requirements We are committed to resolving the issues of our clients and helping them achieve their air quality goals. Repair We are happy to help you in getting your damaged air purification unit repaired as soon as possible. Just let us know your concerns and we promise to find a proper solution. Special offers Looking for good deals on air purifiers and related accessories?

Explore our collection to find good offers.


Alpine Living Air (XL)



Owners Manual


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