His mentor bot also happens to be Primal Major, a reference to the Maximal leader Optimus Primal from the same series. A comic strip called " Boxtron " is seen, written by a D. Real-world references Section I - Toy Design Details the processes behind designing each toy, and how Hasbro, Takara, and Cartoon Network worked together to make them possible. Section II - Animation This section is about the general production of the series, including design, the first treatment for the show, how the show evolved from season to season, casting, scripts, post-production, and of course, animation. Hasbro and Cartoon Network collaborated extensively on what such a thing would be like.

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A Chaosmaster Bomb from Xeptos. Circuitry repair patches from Cheyne. The training exercise from the comic story "Survival Skills" is revealed to have taken place on Kaiba The team is thrashed by real-life football team West Ham at Tigatron Stadium , the venue named for the Beast Wars character , which appeared in the Animated episode " Five Servos of Doom ".

In the Animated universe, the Generation 1 Decepticon ally, mad scientist Doctor Arkeville , is the surgeon general! Racing queen Junko Shiragami is a human female from the Binaltech Asterisk toyline who was in turn based upon Kelly from the Robots in Disguise franchise. Here, she is dating scientist Michael Avery , who appeared in the movie prequel novel, Ghosts of Yesterday. Adverts refer to: Dancitron , a musical event named for a dance club from the Generation 1 cartoon episode " Auto-Bop ".

Cold Slither is playing here, a band from the G. Joe cartoon episode of the same name, created as part of an evil Cobra plot. The piece of music composed as their signature tune was used as incidental music in several Transformers episodes. Wyatt Toys, the toy store named after Animated art director Derrick J. Wyatt which appears in several episodes of the cartoon.

A horror movie named " Monster from Mars ", an elaborate reference to the movie of the same name that was the central plot element of " Monstercon from Mars! In both the original comic and this version, the movie is directed by Rollie Friendly and stars Jake Colton and Carissa Carr ; this version also adds Karen Fishook , an actress from the Generation 1 cartoon episode, " Hoist Goes Hollywood ". Its ingredients include Ingredient X and razon gas. Pg — The Elite Guard ship is here given the name Steelhaven.

Nekomimi B appears on pg in a similar fashion. Pg The brand of the tire in the logo is Wheeljack Tyres! In the "fueltritional facts" box alone, there are references to: mercury sauce, a favorite of the Mecannibals from the Marvel Generation 1 comic.


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