Gearing ratio stood at A quick check on the sudden dip in operating cash flow was due to the fact it was an amount due to related party transaction, which consists of the purchase of investment properties in prior years, recognized under accrual accounting standards but only captured under cash flow statement upon cash settlement. By , there will be more senior citizens, creating concerns with health with long queues at public hospitals, and the government has to bear higher medical costs. All these factors provide private healthcare providers with opportunities to tap into senior citizen demographics.

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Here are the key developments of Al-Aqar since its listing: — Al-Aqar has embarked on an aggressive expansion plan by acquiring 19 properties during the period. This includes 2 healthcare properties in Indonesia and 1 age care centre in Australia. This has substantially increased its portfolio from 6 properties to 25 properties in a period of 6 years.

It has trimmed its portfolio down to 22 properties currently. Since then, it has reported a stable financial performance from to Revenue has maintained RM — million a year. Net Property Income has maintained at RM 95 — million a year. Realized Earnings have grown marginally from RM Distributions per unit DPU has been stable. Al-Aqar has maintained DPU at 7. But, here is a minor acquisition. On 27 December , this acquisition has been completed. The contractual lease term is divided into 5 rental terms of 3 years each which shall be renewable upon their expiry.

It is presently one of the leading providers of healthcare services in Malaysia. The RM 80 million was derived from the disposal of Selesa Tower in Hence, with RM For the last 12 months, Al-Aqar has paid out 7.

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Al-Aqar Healthcare REIT



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