I feel blessed by the attunements. The grandmother moon wrapped me in his light. With the golden ankh, I could open a door to a prosperous future. And the amulets of Kemet gave me a lot of strength.

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Type: Attunements The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain a healthy, high vibration and cleansed Akashic Records to reduce unnecessary suffering, boost spiritual development and manifestation.

The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement aims to provide a very simple and easy to use energetic tool to ensure that your Akashic Records are well maintained. The Akashic Records are an etheric library in the etheric realms that are said to contain all records of human events, thoughts, emotions, actions etc.

The Akashic Records are a vast and extensive field of study and can take many years of learning and practice to read and assimilate the information they contain. As such, the Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement does not cover reading and using the information, but instead focuses on the healthy maintenance of the records themselves.

Clearing non-serving energies and cleansing the records may be able to reduce non-serving energies and consequences from cause and effect.

It may also be able to clear non-serving energies associated with recorded events, which may be able to reduce suffering and unnecessary repetition of trauma and repetitive behaviour. These energies aim to ensure that any non-serving energies that are ready to be cleared are removed. The records are then cleansed and raised in vibration across all dimensions to ensure interdimensional consistency. You can use the energies of the Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement to give yourself or others akashic records clearing treatments.

If you would like to clear and cleanse your records from all etheric libraries, not just the Akashic Records, you may be interested in the Etheric Libraries Maintenance Attunement. The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement requirements: If you are ill or unwell, you must first seek proper medical care.

You should have some experience of energy healing to consider this attunement. If you are in financial difficulty, you must get professional financial advice before purchasing this attunement. An open heart and a commitment to your self-empowerment and growth. Some quiet time to practice and take in the energies.

Raise the vibration of the Akashic Records. Reduce unnecessary suffering and repetitive behaviours. Increase vitality, well-being, and wholeness. Spiritual growth and ascension.


akashic records

Why am I always ill? Who am I? Am I on the right path? Am I in the right vocation?


Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement

The Akashic Records are known by different names throughout the world — such titles as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious, and the Soul Records. It is the repository of all human experience, a record of all events. They are records of all talents and knowledge. The Akashic records contain all knowledge that is in the past, present, and future. The Records are not physical books or scrolls, though many people see them as such when they access them, but they are actually an energetic vibration. It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand. Such things as: Your opportunities Your life purpose, your soul purpose Understanding of your karma and destiny You can access the records for yourself, in a group or for others.

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