Lolth was first mentioned in D Descent into the Depths of the Earth Quag Keep was a novel by Andre Norton that took place in a proto-version of Greyhawk, very different in many ways from the setting that would be published the next year, showing how much Gary Gygax would revise his early ideas for publication. Norton mentioned a few deities in this novel that never appeared in published Greyhawk at least not by those names including the Horned Lady, the Maned Lady, Om, and Landron. The World of Greyhawk Folio has nothing to say about gods at all. Dragon 63 detailed Dakarnok, Khurgorbaeyag, and Nomog-Geaya. Dragon 64 detailed Raxivort, and Gary Gygax officially states in this issue that "The pantheon of deities in the Flanaess is very broad, and many humanoids and demi-humans serve deities which do not have an aspect that exactly matches the race in question, be it dwarven, elven, orcish or whatever.

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Races, with PHB and supplements. Your choice of race is very important to both your numbers and potentially RP experience. Dwarf: You get extra Constitution, a tool, darkvision, and advantage on checks to examine stone. Autumn get a charm, not too good on you. Winter gets fear, a bit better but nothing to write home about.

Lastly, Summer gets you the ability to damage everyone for a little fire damage when you teleport up to them. Spring and Summer are the best bets for you here. Not half bad on a Dexterity Barbarian! Shadar-Kai are arguably even for you with their Constitution, always-on necrotic resistance, AND a teleport that grants even MORE resistance, even if for one round only.

Deep Gnomes are like Drow and they can good, but not for you. This plus ribbons. Not too shabby. Damage resist is good but the rest is kind of a waste on you. Neither are good on you. Yes please! Better if you have a lot of odd scores. Variant Human get a feat at Level 1, which is very good.

Mark of Finding has Dexterity and Wisdom, both of which are nice on most characters. You get better at tracking things and get Wisdom and Dexterity, along with Darkvision. Not an awful pick but Strength is usually best for Barbarians and your mental scores are likely low anyhow. Mark of Handling is similar but better at getting along with animals rather than tracking. Talking to monsters is neat though. You move faster, you can teleport, and you can ignore difficult terrain while dashing.

In other words, really good on you, and pretty much anyone else to boot. Lastly, Mark of Sentinel grants Strength, and you can better protect allies. Halfling: Dex, Luck, and subraces, with Stout giving you a bit more Con. Healing lets you be better at Medicine and gives you some Wisdom, and some magical healing. Hospitality gets social magic, and cooking, along with a bit of Charisma.

Tiefling: Abyssal, Feral and Winged might be okay on you, because they give either Con or Dex, and Winged gives flight speed. Baalzebul Tieflings increase two dump stats, as does Mammon. Aarakocra: Flight speed is good, as is Dexterity, and you get an unarmed strike bonus. Genasi: Constitution? The main draw is the subraces. Air gives Dex and limited levitation, and is a solid pick on Dexterity Barbarians. Githzerai meanwhile get Wisdom not awful but a little yucky versus Strength , advantage on charm and fright saves, and the Shield and detect Thoughts spell.

Shield is really good, but the rest of the subclass pales in comparison for Barbarians versus the benefits of Githyanki. Tortle: Strength is good, wisdom is okay. Unarmed damage is good but the defense could probably be equaled or outmatched by Unarmored Defense from the class. Not so good. Two extra scores by one? Damage resistance and Intimidation are good, and Darkvision can come in handy.

Aven: Dexterity is good for such builds, and flight is always good. Iblis get Intelligence bonuses, and Hawks get Wisdom buffs. Dominaria has a variant with Dexterity, Wisdom, and the Hawk racial trait.

Elf Kaladesh : Dexterity is pretty good and Wisdom is okay. Bistahar and Tirahar have more speed and stealth, and Vadahar have a Druid cantrip. Not the best picks, but not the worst either.. Elf Zendikar : Wisdom is meh for you and the rest is pretty standard Elf. Tajuru have Charisma and skills. Juraga have better speed and Dexterity. Mul Daya have better darkvision and Strength, but they also have spells and sunlight sensitivity.

Goblin: Darkvision, basically. But they have subraces. Grotag has good defense and Constitution along with Animal Handling, Ixalan has Dexterty and climbing, not a bad pick for Dexterity builds. Human: Gavony is same as regular, every stat goes up by 1.

Keldon are similar. Khenra: Dexterity and Strength are both good, and so is walking speed. While I know nothing of MtG lore, the Twins ability looks flavorful and useful. Kor: Get two martial skills, climbing speed, luck manipulation, advantage on being frightened, and Dexterity and Wisdom.

Pretty nice on a Dexterity build. Minotaur: This is good for pretty similar reasons the UA versions. Strength and Constitution are both good, Intimidation is good. More damage, more tankiness, and an unarmed weapon? Good, good, and good.

Merfolk: Charisma? Can be good. Blue gets magic, Intelligence, and knowledge. Cosi Creed? So are Emeria, Ula, and Green. None of these are very good on you. Minor speed boost is alright, and your natural weapon is good, as is your poison resistances. Not a bad pick, but the Intelligence goes to waste, most likely. In other words, very good. Siren: Flight is nice. Vampire: Necrotic resist is a good way to start off and blood thirst is alright.

Zendikar Vampires have mental scores. Ixalan has somewhat better mental scores, you get better speed and saves when you drink blood, and you can fly through the air by turning your legs into a black cloud for a while. Ixalan wins for Barbarians, hands-down. Vedalken: Mental scores and lore are wasted on you, but saving throw resistance is not. Not a good look on you. At least the subraces give nice bonuses, and Scourge and Fallen give good stats as well.

Bugbear: Pretty good! Reach, stats, and a pseudo-sneak attack that can key off Strength, plus the stealth to use it. I imagine a bugbear just going around grabbing people and bear hugging them to death with his freakishly long arms. Firbolg: Originally rated kind of low. However, a comment has made me reconsider. The Strength boost is a bit low but still quite welcome, and the ribbons are flavorful and can be useful.

Goblin: The stat bonuses are surprisingly okay for boosting your AC. Also, you get a mini Cunning Action and a bit of extra damage to most creatures. Goliath: Strength and Con gives offence and defense. You also get Athletics, damage reduction, and some ribbons. Hobgoblin: Meh. Saving Face looks flavorful and the Con is good, but the rest looks like a bit of a waste.

Kobold: -2 Strength is really bad on you and offsets the Dexterity bonus. You break spines! Even on Dexterity Barbarians, Strength can be useful, and plenty of other races give Dexterity. The unarmed attack is welcome, and the other features are flavorful. Just what you need! Aggressive is also good.


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