His work is oriented around practical exercises for gaining spiritual knowledge. The practices Belzebuub explains are the ones he has found most useful himself. As a child he had a keen interest in spiritual things, reading spiritual books from the library and creating his own esoteric ceremony at eight years old. He experienced many supernatural phenomena including ESP and poltergeist activity in his family home.

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Following is a summary of his works throughout the years. Course Structure Starting in late , Belzebuub began the process of writing courses that were available via free downloadable PDFs online. Courses ran for eight or nine weeks and were highly practical and interactive, consisting of a different weekly topic along with a related exercise each week for students to practice.

There were course forums online where students could ask questions they had, or for those who were taking the courses in centers, qualified teachers would always be on hand to take questions before and after all the lectures and practice sessions. This course taught the fundamentals of astral projection, lucid dreaming, and remembering dreams. It explained about the astral plane, the nature of dreams, and how to use out-of-body experiences for personal spiritual development. Furthermore, it included detailed tips and techniques to overcome typical obstacles encountered when trying to astral project, as well as a group astral exercise for participants to attempt to astral project to the same location to meet with other course participants at the same time.

The course yielded very successful results: in a survey conducted of those who had completed the course, over 67 percent of participants said they had experienced an out-of-body experience within two months of taking it. Self-Knowledge Later in , Belzebuub created his course in self-discovery. In this course, students could learn about their inner workings from a spiritual point of view via personal self-study. It covered exercises such as being in the present moment and self-observation, which would allow students to experience their consciousness and to gain self-knowledge.

So in , Belzebuub compiled all the material from the self-knowledge course into a book that was released in paperback in order to give it more protection. The material was further revised and re-released as an eBook in Esoteric Wisdom In , Belzebuub created his course on esoteric wisdom. Books on Esoteric Wisdom The information and exercises from the esoteric wisdom course were compiled into a book and released in paperback in It set out to reveal in an easily-understandable format for the modern day the practices hidden in myths, parables, and legends throughout time that people had used to transform themselves spiritually.

More Books In Belzebuub put together a collection of talks 1 that quickly became a USA Book News finalist in the best books awards for spirituality. It was first released in paperback in , later converted into an eBook in , and revised and re-released in paperback once again in Also in , Belzebuub wrote and released two new eBooks concerning the spiritual teachings latent within ancient historical cultures, myths, and traditions.

The first book focused on the similarities between various creation myths and how they reveal the process of reaching enlightenment via creation in the universe in reverse. The second book details the mysteries of spirituality depicted throughout time in megalithic sites, sacred ceremonies, and many of the ancient writings, artwork, traditions, religions, and cultures of the world. It was thoroughly revised and re-released in paperback in Other Introductory Courses Created by Belzebuub Besides the main courses in astral travel and dreams, self-knowledge, and esoteric wisdom which were run through The Gnostic Movement, Belzebuub conceived of a number of other introductory courses that were also available through The Gnostic Movement at various times.

This collection of talks was titled Gazing into the Eternal. A review of this book by Belzebuub can be found here.


A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

Sep 26, Aleksandr rated it it was amazing. I would have never discovered the astral plane had it not been for this book and the practical techniques it provides. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams: : Belzebuub: Books He gives the information in a clear, straightforward way, and he also gives insight into common obstacles and how to persevere. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer — no Kindle device required.



The author also explains about the nature of dreams, why we have them, how our psyche influences our dreams and its basic structure. Also, the book explains about the nature of nightmares and bad dreams, and focuses on how to deal with negative influence in the astral. This book also teaches how we can use our conscious astral experiences and dreams to gain self-knowledge and type of knowledge we otherwise have no ways of getting in the physical plane. Importantly, the book also teaches how to overcome common obstacles that prevent people from being successful in astral projection, and how to best prepare onself for night time astral projection practice during the day, so that we have clear and objective experiences of the astral plane when we project there.


Books and Courses


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