Mezilmaran New content to for this edition includes new coverage of probability, coding theory, matrices and order of magnitude. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our stductures of cookies. Account Options Sign in. She is the author of several college-level textbooks in mathematics and computer science, including co-author with G.

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Customer Book Reviews where the book by Lathi for Systems and Signals did a much better job explaining solutions to difference equations By William Boler on Dec 07, There are a lot of topics discussed in this book in relation to logic, probability, discrete math, and graphs. I found several of the examples lacking in explanation.

To be more specific, I found the discrete math explanation insufficient, where the book by Lathi for Systems and Signals did a much better job explaining solutions to difference equations. For other topics, I often had to refer to Wikipedia for further explanations. Otherwise, the book does cover a lot of material and offers problems and examples for the reader to go over, with solutions in the back of the book for all exercises and specific problems.

Just be prepared to not have every example spelled out completely. Hein the first term, which is also used by the second section of the course.

This book is packed with information, but most importantly for someone learning the subject matter it is very readable and easy to understand without dumbing down the content. Three Stars By Andrew H. The progression through material is logical, explained, and paced. I had the slight misfortune of this class being a 5-week summer course, but review of text more fully after the end of the semester proved how well laid out the text.

There are good explanations of basic concepts and methods, general proofs, specific examples, and practical discussion of application. I would recommend this book to those interesed in logic, proofs, math, and computer applications.

Better then I expected. My son college used book price was more then this new book. Very happy with service and product was pristine. Gersting , Gersting , Judith L. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by W. Freeman and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Mathematical Structures for Computer Science

Gersting PDF eBook free. Mathematical Structures for Computer Science is the programming and mathematics book. Gersting PDF Mathematical Structures for Computer Science is a mathematics and programming book in which author tells about the logic building and explain the things with the examples. Judith L. Gersting is the author of this incredible book. The author touches the various important topics in details to give the brief explanation and clear all the points. This book includes the discrete math, graphs, probability and logic building.


Dr. Judith Gersting


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