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Shelves: audiobook Effective communication Skills was a course divided into lectures. It went through a theory and then through practical situations and advices. It gave an explanation on how day to day communication works, what we can pay attention to in order to improve our communication with other people. The lecturer emphasized importance of listening attentively to other person wile they speak, instead of thinking of what your reply should be; techniques of calming yourself in stressful situation; using your Effective communication Skills was a course divided into lectures.

The course was interesting and entertaining; it provided new points of view and things to think of. This was a deep dive college-type course into how we communicate and how our emotions, instinct, and auto-pilot reactions get in the way. While the course a tad dry and prolonged, the information covered was very revealing and useful. It is no quick fix endeavor, but knowing how we process speech and how our minds work, certainly is informative and helpful in the long term.

The suggestions and triggers are certainly worth employing and practicing to enhance communications at home and at work. I found it outstanding. To review the content, I decided to read the transcript book rather than watch it a second time.

I originally bought this lecture because I had taken on some new responsibilities at work. Even though I dont consider myself a bad communicator, I feel that things dont always go well when talking to other people, so I decided to try this course. I was extremely, positively surprised by the contents and the I did this course as a DVD lecture before about two years ago.

I was extremely, positively surprised by the contents and the messages of the course and absolutely loved it. Anything I heard about communication before, basically focused on the matters of the last few lectures of this course. While those certainly are the areas where one would obviously try to use effective communication relationships, work , previous learning experiences have not resulted in a real and lasting solution for me.

After this course, I finally understand why. After this course, I finally realize that to become a good and successful communicator, one first has to understand more about us as humans and why communication fails so often in the first place. Then you can learn how to change it. After starting with a general introduction, he describes how our communication develops and is influenced by our social surroundings.

He explains the cognitive unconscious and how it influences our conscious mind; how we develop our sense of self, and how we try to protect that self when we are talking. He differentiates different kinds of talk connect talk, control talk, and dialogue talk , and then, after it becomes clear what the advantages and disadvantages of those are, he focuses on specific situations in the final lectures as described above.

Furthermore, he does use plenty of examples of everyday-life-situations througout the first 19 lectures to make them clear and understandable. Now the transcript book is a printed version of what he was saying in a lecture, and if someone talks rather quickly, like Kehoe does, it is sometimes difficult to put that down correctly in writing - or they just did not spend that much time editing.

In general, I would recommend to do the DVD course because the presentation is done well, supported with graphics, which are contained in the course book but unfortunately not in this transcript book.

I think that this is a course that everyone should take and it should be taught in schools. If the teachings were applied more in our life, it would make our world a significantly better place to live. The first part is more academic. Contains conclusions and presentations of a lot of scientific studies. If you are familiar with psychology and in general with the way our mind works, this part may be somewhat boring.

For me it was a nice reminder of all the pshycho-stuff. Then there is a great deal about personal communication. About how we communicate, about how we see ourselves and the other person while talking.

It contains a lot of good tips to apply in Impressive course, by all means. It contains a lot of good tips to apply in personal and family communication.

Finally, the last part of the course concentrates on workplace communication. There quite a lot of valuable recommendations for managers and leaders, as well as for communicating with other team members who are working at the same organizational level with you. Thank you Dalton Kehoe


Effective Communication Skills



Effective Communication Skills






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