Gaeilge English CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme CSCS programmes provide for the training, assessment, certification and registration of non-craft operatives, providing the knowledge and skills needed for occupations within the construction sector. The scheme was developed following detailed consultation with social partners Construction Industry Federation and ICTU , the Health and Safety Authority and specialist working groups to identify the training needs and occupational standards required for a range of occupations in the construction sector. The scheme is divided into eight occupational categories, with each category requiring a different CSCS Registration Card. This schedule provides the list of prescribed occupations which are under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, click here for occupations.

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To get this qualification you have to contact the Jobcentre Plus training centre or the local college for further education. You need to know this card is available for five years and when you apply for a renewal you can not use the same alternate qualification certificate.

Apprentice Card To apply for this type of card you need to be registered on a recognised apprenticeship framework and it is valid or four years and six months and there is no possibility of a renewal. Experienced Worker Card To apply for the Experienced Worker Card you need to prove experience in the last three years for at least one year. This card is available only for one year and it is nor renewable and it is issued on a temporary basis. The Trainee Card is available for five years and is not renewable.

Skilled Worker Card To apply for this type of card you need to have achieved a construction related NVQ or SVQ level 2 or to have completed an employer-sponsored apprenticeship. To find a complete list of accepted qualification for the Academically Qualified Person Card you have to click here. Construction Site Visitor Card This card is available for people that are frequently visiting construction sites without any specific skills.

Prior to calling you need to email to cscs citb. The card id available for six months and it is not renewable. Author Silviu Posted on.


You can now apply for a SKILLcard ONLINE

Your first task is to identify the correct card to apply for, and you can use the online cardfinder for this purpose. Section A requests your personal information, and Section B is where you must correctly identify your occupation — from the CSCS online listings — and also specify the type of card for which you are applying. Section C requires a completed declaration either from your present, or previous, employer, or from another CSCS card holder. Remember to attach your passport photo and include your payment, plus any extra information specified in Section D, which outlines the certificates or extra evidence you must supply. Section E is then your final check list before sending off your application. Go to download page Professionally Qualified Person application This is a two-part form.


CSCS Card Application Form



Employer applications


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