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Jan 01, Shayla rated it it was amazing So my boyfriend has been bugging me for a year to by this book. He says it will help with this, help with that, help you unlock this and transform that. Im like alright Ill buy it if itll shut you up. Well he was right lol. It took me longer than normal to read this book with all the interruptions. But I must say this book is meant for everyone.

Throughout the book you learn a couple of methods the Two Point and the Time Travel. You will learn to just let go and let your imagination soar. Of So my boyfriend has been bugging me for a year to by this book. Of course those who are already in touch with their higher self or spiritual ways can easily use these methods with your normal healing techniques and have a wonderful time helping people and yourself.

The book is roughly an hour read our do depending on your level. He gives plenty of examples, references and his website so you can see for yourself. He also invited you to attend a seminar so you can feel what everyone else is feeling. It is tempting.

To attend a couple of seminars and get a first hand look. By and by the book is worth it. You will not be disappointed However, his discoveries are proven through modern science again and again. He has brought the power of quantum physics right into our hands teaching us that our reality is so much more than what we have been taught to believe.

His perspective and skill has dramatically Down the rabbit hole we go, Alice! His perspective and skill has dramatically enhanced my work as a teacher and healer. I highly recommend this book, however be prepared to have your mind expanded.

Matrix Energetics is the future coming into form in the present moment. Miracles are available to all of us. We are living at a very exciting time! It was because of him that I became a practitioner of ME I call myself a "consciosness technician". My life has not been -- and will never again be -- the same. I constantly see things happen that people would put under the "miracle" category.

If this works in healing physical and emotional problems, more power to Richard. My friend had amazing results after attending his seminars. I am definitely intrigued. Apr 29, Kimberly Burnham rated it it was amazing This book like the Matrix Energetics courses is mind blowing fun. It enables me to visualize a differnt reality, a magical wonderful reality for myself.

I am now a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner having an interesting time and great results with clients.


Matryca energetyczna. Innowacyjne uzdrawianie



Matryca Energetyczna. Innowacyjne uzdrawianie.



Kursy Matrycy Energetycznej Bartletta w Europie.


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